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  1. 1. Textile Industry-We are not aware about By Mihir Upadhyay
  2. 2. Mastermind Credo For Customers We Will Always Work For The Need Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises And For The Individual Entrepreneurs. We Will Always Learn & Upgrade And Develop Our Capacities To Serve Them, To Empower Them, To Develop Their Confidence And Make Them Successful And Happy In Life.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE To share the knowledge of Technical Textiles, its International Scenario and opportunities of Indian Textile Industry in Technical Textiles Challenges of Indian Textiles Industry for Technical Textiles Divided into 2 parts Today : All About Technical Textiles & E-Textiles Next time : How its been made and used in different industries Growth, challenges and opportunities in India Different government initiatives / Schemes for Technical Textiles
  4. 4. What is Technical Textiles ? Technical Textiles are defined as Textile Materials & products used primarily for their technical performance rather than their aesthetic and / or decorative characteristics. Majorly all Technical Textiles are Non Woven Fabrics, but not limited to non woven. (90-95% of TT are non woven) There is a quote in Textiles which describes this in best way : All Non Woven are Technical Textiles but all Technical Textiles are not Non Woven As the name suggests, nonwovens are not woven fabrics. It skips intermediate processes of Spinning, Weave Preparation and Weaving. Fiber Fabric without weaving
  5. 5. Technical Textiles Industry India consumes 20% of the total technical textile production happening in Asian Market. Technical Textiles Market shares 22% in Worldwide Textile Industry Technical Textiles employs around 19 Lacs of people 55% of this needs technically skilled manpower this will reach to 35 Lacs by 2017-18 growing @13% each year Indian Technical Textile Sector is expected to reach $26 Billion by 2016-17 (15600 Crore) currently of $14 Billion Only Sector which is expected to grow @20% YoY (Source : Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015-16)
  6. 6. Demand for Technical Textiles Worldwide: Demand for Technical Textiles (96000 Cr)
  7. 7. Contribution of India in TT 2013 Asian TT Market 2.6 million tonnes
  8. 8. Asias Influence on the Global Technical Textiles Market Source: IFAI Asian Technical Textiles Market Share in Global Technical Textiles Market In 2011, 45% In 2018, 61% (expected) Asia in Global TT World
  9. 9. What is Technical Textiles Mean ? 22% 78% But what exactly is Technical Textiles mean ? Where they are used ?
  10. 10. Types of Technical Textiles Agro Textiles These fabrics are used for Agricultural uses in soil building, horticulture and Forestry Building Textiles These fabrics are used for Construction usages in Homes and Building Materials Cloth Textiles These fabrics are used in technical components of Shoes and Clothing Materials
  11. 11. Types of Technical Textiles Geo Textiles These fabrics are used in Geo Textiles / road construction / civil engineering Home Textiles These fabrics are used for furniture components / household textiles / floor coverings Industrial Textiles These fabrics are used in Industries for filteration process / cleaning / industrial usage
  12. 12. Types of Technical Textiles Medical Textiles These fabrics are used for all the Medial Equipments and for Hygiene purpose Automobile Textiles These fabrics are used for Automobiles, Shipping, Railways & Aerospace Packing Textiles These fabrics are used in Industries as Packaging Materials
  13. 13. Future E-Textiles Textiles is been merging with ELECTRONICS ! Wearable Computers will be launched, they will contain IC (Integrated Circuit) in fabric to develop fabric keyboards and other wearable computer devices. These are called as Interactive Electronic Textiles (IET) also known as E-Textiles ! Currently, some of the fabrics are already in use by Sportsmen where in they count their Heart Beats, will monitor ECG and will suggest and report about the same !
  14. 14. Future E-Textiles
  15. 15. Future E-Textiles
  16. 16. IFAI : Industrial Fabric Association International Various Textile Journals Various Textile Articles Nidhi Parwal for her help ! Sources used
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