Team Member Styles

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  • 1. Team Member Styles:What notes are you playing? Dianne Rees (based on the work of Glenn Parker in Team Players and Teamwork: New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration)
  • 2. Do you know these people? Are they on your team? communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  • 3. contributor Strengths I think we really need to focushigh standards Less productive when organized Theres too much information.authoritative I may not see the big picture.. Im pushing my team mates too hard. responsible Im too much of a perfectionist
  • 4. collaborator Strengths So heres the big picture. goal-directedforward-looking Less productive when Ive overcommitted! imaginative My focus is too global. flexible I havent reviewed the mission. I dont think about the needs of other team pitches in members
  • 5. communicatorStrengths What do you all think?considerate relaxed Less productive when I wont challenge you I want us to get along!enthusiastic Im all about the processgoals may slip.supportive I may overuse humor. I may seem manipulative or placating. tactful
  • 6. challengerStrengths Why are we doing this? honest outspoken Less productive when I dont know when to back off. thorough I may push the team to take too many risks.questioning I can be self-righteous I become too much of a nit-picker.adventurous
  • 7. It takes all four of these people to make a good team communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  • 8. But people are complex communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  • 9. You may have more than one style communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  • 10. The adaptable team member Optimize your strengths and minimize the traits that make you less productive
  • 11. The adaptable team member Like how someone else works with others? Borrow their behaviors!
  • 12. It takes different instruments to make a great band!See diversity as the thing that makes your team shine
  • 13. Reference:Parker, G. M. (1996). Team Players and Teamwork: New Strategies forDeveloping Successful Collaboration. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons.