Team Building Ideas to Motivate, Engage, and Encourage

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Keep your team feeling motivated, engaged, and encouraged with the 15 ideas in this eBook! Download this team building ideas eBook from Baudville.

Text of Team Building Ideas to Motivate, Engage, and Encourage

  • 1. moTivaTe engage encourageTeam Building ideasTo moTivaTe, engage, and encourage

2. Baudville 52 ways To a PosiTive culTure eBook Page 1How To use THis eBookKeep your team feeling motivated, engaged, andencouraged with the 15 ideas in this eBook! Maintaininghigh team morale will create a work environment thatattracts and retains top talent, achieves goals, and strivesfor excellence.This eBook is the collection of some of our favorite teambuilding ideas from our customers and our personalexperiences. The ideas in this eBook are organized intothree sections:1. Team building ideas to motivatePeoPle2. Team building ideas to engage3. Team building ideas to encouragewHo workRegardless of how you choose to use this eBook, we hopethe ideas will serve as a starting point to your own creativeand unique team building ideas. Share your stories, tips, TogeTHerand ideas on the Baudville Facebook page and get ideasfrom other successful teams, too! will win,Cheers! wHeTHer iT Be againsT com-Plex fooTBall defenses, or THe ProBlems of modern socieTy.aBouT Baudville vince lomBardiBaudville, the place for daily recognition, continues to be the leadinginnovator in day-to-day recognition solutions. Baudvilles day-to-dayrecognition solutions appeal to todays increasingly diverse workforce withcontemporary designs and relevant messaging, motivating and engagingworkplaces world-wide. Baudville has been declared one of the best companiesto work for in its area and strives to create the ultimate work experience forits employees. For more tips and ideas to create a positive culture, visit theBaudville Recognition Resource Center on 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 2Team Buildingideas To moTivaTeKeeping a team motivated and focused is a constant challenge for leaders. When yourteam is motivated, theyll produce better results and have better attitudes at work. 4. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 31.recognizesHorT Term goalsSet short term goals for your team, keep employees updated on theirprogress, and celebrate success. Short term goals should be measuredevery month or quarter. Keep employees updated on the progress oftheir goals by sending regular emails, creating a dashboard on yourintranet, or giving update reports in regular team meetings. Thefrequent communication about the goal reminds employees of whatsat stake and keeps the goal front of mind.Also, determine your reward ahead of time for meeting and exceedingthe goal. It doesnt have to be expensive: pizza lunch or a week ofcasual days. When employees know what they can earn, theyll bemore motivated to work together. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 42.friendlycomPeTiTionKeep your team motivated with a little friendly competition. Wevehosted corn hole/bean bag tossing tournaments in the hallwaysat Baudville. The tournament doesnt take a lot of time out of thework day, and everyone enjoys the competition and camaraderie.We recommend following the instructions of the Minute to Win Itgames, which you can do with only a few supplies from your localgrocery store. Have employees compete during lunch or on theirbreaks, and keep a tally of who gets the best scores. At the end of theday, award a small prize to the top winners. To make the fun last,have a different game every week for a month. Track the points andcrown a champion after all the games have been played. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 53.volunTeerTogeTHerA great way to build camaraderie and trust among your team is totake them outside of your office and engage them in communityservice. This is also a great opportunity for individuals to buildrelationships with teammates they dont commonly interact with.For our 25th anniversary, Baudville sponsored a Habitat forHumanity house in Grand Rapids. All employees were given theopportunity to volunteer for a day and work on the house. It gaveemployees from across the company a chance to engage in a differentenvironment and get to know each other better. You can learn moreabout our experience volunteering as a team in our RecognitionResource Center. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 7. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 64.creaTe TeamawardsMotivate your team toward common goals by creating team awards.Include the entire team in the nomination process by asking them tonominate their peers. You can host your awards quarterly or annuallydepending on your award criteria. Have fun with it! Make your awardceremony something employees look forward to by dressing up,having refreshments, and putting together a video about the team andthe winners. Employees will be excited for the awards and motivatedto earn the honors. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 75.give Time off forTeam BeHaviorsTo build a closer team, communicate that youll be recognizingindividuals who out of their way to help out their teammate anddemonstrate teamwork. Be clear about what this may look like inyour organization, whether its working in a different area to help aco-worker or covering a shift for someone with a sick child. When yousee team members demonstrating those behaviors, write a note ona token card, package a Token of Appreciation inside it, and presentit to the individual. Allow individuals to redeem their tokens for 15minutes off and try to honor the time off as immediately as businessdemands will permit. 15 extra minutes in the morning (or at lunch, orin the evening) is a great way to motivate your team to work together! 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 9. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 8Team Buildingideas To engageEmployee engagement is key to a successful team and a successful organization. An engaged team will bemore dedicated to the organization, more willing to go above and beyond, and more likely to be innovative. 10. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page of the easiest and most effective ways to engage your team is tospend quality time with them. Schedule regular one-on-one meetingswith your team members and spend time discussing their currentprojects, challenges, and new ideas. For a special treat, take them tolunch. You can do this with individuals on your team or small groups.Take advantage of the time outside the office to get to know yourteam more personally. Or simply make an effort to visit every deskover the course of the week to talk with your teammates and get anupdate on their life and work.To help you remember details about your teammates, use our Tell UsAbout You Form. You can record employee recognition preferences,hobbies, favorite foods, and more. Its a great resource for futurerecognition moments. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 102.imPlemenT asuggesTion sysTemEmployees who feel their opinions are valued demonstrate greateremployee engagement than those that dont. Implement a suggestionsystem for your team as an outlet for individual ideas, proposals,and suggestions. A basic suggestion system is easy to implement anduse. Simply place the box in a central location, like a break room orfiling cabinet, and communicate with employees what it is and whyit is there. Employees can write down their idea and add it to the boxfor review. Ask a small group of members of your team to regularlyreview the ideas and give feedback to you. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 12. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 113.giveexPosureKeep your team engaged with the organization by giving themexposure to different parts of the company. Arrange for teammates toshadow each other or individuals from different departments. Invitea teammate to a meeting they havent been to before. The increasedexposure to the organization will make them feel like a bigger partof the team and give them a greater understanding of its systems andprocesses. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 13. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 124.BrainsTorm inTeam meeTingsAdd an item to your team meeting agendas for open discussion.Allow teammates to use this time to share new opportunities, ideas,and discuss possible solutions to challenges. During this time, sitback and let the team work out their ideas themselves. This will be agreat opportunity for team members who tend to be quieter to voicetheir thoughts and opinions and engage more with the team. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 14. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page walkaroundCatch your team doing something right early in the day by walkingaround the office and looking for reasons to recognize. At thebeginning of your day before checking email or reviewing yourto-do list, take a few minutes to walk around your teams area. Lookfor valuable behaviors to recognize, and engage your teammates inconversation about something theyve done well lately. It could besomething as simple as bringing a great attitude to work first thing inthe morning or receiving positive feedback from a customer. 2011 by Baudville, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 15. Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 14Team Buildingideas To encourageRecognition is an important part of a team building strategy. By empowering teammates torecognize one another, they feel more committed to the team and their teammates. 16. team ashout out !Baudville Team Building ideas eBook Page 151.Peer-To-PeerrecogniTionAn easy and effective way to introduce recognition to your team isthrough a peer-to-peer recognition system. Shout Outs is a customerfavorite because its easy to use and pop