Take Action to Enhance Your Customer Experience

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<ul><li><p>Experience shared.Version 1.0 </p><p>Sitel Solution. Sitel Omnichannel Services.</p><p>Sitel Omnichannel Services.</p></li><li><p>Experience shared.</p><p>p.02</p><p>sitel.com</p><p>Sitel Solution. Sitel Omnichannel Services.</p><p>In an era where customers are connected using multiple devices to access a dizzying array of products and services, Sitel provides the multichannel solutions that enable you to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Whether interacting via social media channels, the web, or SMS; Sitel provides a personalized customer experience that combines self-service capabilities with interactive and proactive communications enabling your customers to interact with your brands when they want, where they want.</p></li><li><p>Todays social and mobile customer requires an agile approach to managing interactions in a seamless way that protects the brand experience. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, multichannel customer service is a must for the modern contact center. Sitels nearly 30 years of experience with best-in-class contact center solutions enables us to provide differentiated services across all customer touch points. </p><p>Take action to enhance your customer experience</p><p>Sitel takes a global and holistic approach to the customer journey. Leveraging our Advisory Services, we can perform an analysis of your current operations, map your customer journey and explore use of service channel strategies and associated tools that capitalize on the latest service processes and technologies. We work with key subject matter experts within your organization to ensure our solutions align with your expectations and provide a meaningful Return on Investment. </p><p>Our Omnichannel Services harness the latest unified communications platforms to enable any time, any channel interactions while maintaining a 360 degree view of the brand experience. And we continue to innovate and grow both organically and through accretive partnerships to further enhance our integrated platform. </p><p>Experience shared.</p><p>p.03</p><p>sitel.com</p><p>Sitel Solution. Sitel Omnichannel Services.</p></li><li><p>Experience shared.</p><p>p.04</p><p>sitel.com</p><p>Sitel Solution. Sitel Omnichannel Services.</p><p>Sitel Omnichannel Services move our clients beyond voice into an array of channels including Social Media, Mobile, Chat, SMS, and Web. Our flexibility enables us to either utilize your existing technologies or implement our easy to customize Customer Experience Management platform Sitel Intelligent Desktop that enables any time, any channel interactions supporting todays mobile and social customers preferred channels of choice - while maintaining a single brand experience. </p><p>Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience</p><p>Proactively engage customers online to increase sales conversions and improve acquisition of new customers</p><p>Sitel Sales Chat:</p><p>Improve the customer experience while reducing more costly service engagements by addressing customer needs on the web</p><p>Sitel Web Self-Service:</p><p>Deliver a seamless customer experience at all times by converging customer service channels on the mobile device to the contact center to fully address the needs of the growing base of mobile customers</p><p>Sitel Mobile Customer Care:</p><p>Thrive in the mobile environment with a flexible and personalized solution that supports mobile customers via SMS</p><p>Sitel SMS:</p><p>Deliver amazing social experiences by monitoring, supporting, and engaging with customers across social networks and communities</p><p>Sitel Social Monitoring and Social Engagement:</p><p>Provide agents with a 360 degree view of all customer interactions across channels via a cloud-based Customer Experience Management platform </p><p>Sitel Intelligent Desktop:</p></li></ul>


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