Survival Kit to Asian Business Culture

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12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 1 HANUMAN CONSULTING SURVIVAL KIT TO ASIAN CULTURES AND MENTALITY - Focus on Southeast Asia 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 2 East Asia Greater China South Asia Southeast Asia Asian Puzzle Distinguish the areas. Can you do it? Note: Mentality doesnt always follow the national borders. 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 3 - Two powers: China and Japan - Southeast Asia at the crossroads of India, China, and Arabian merchants. - Long roads of colonialisation - Independence during The Great Wars of Europe - Unification and disputes of Asian countries Influences of History 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 4 Belief is fundamental. Believe in something, otherwise you dont exist. Religions and beliefs are diverse and can be overlapping. Which religion dictates the behavior and belief of each individual? Hinduism Buddhism Islam Christianity (and its sub religions) Confucianism Taoism Shintoism Animistic beliefs and others 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 5 How about a Local Language? Japan: Japanese (note: differences depending who you talk to) China: Putonghua (hanyu) and several other dialects (Cantonese is quite different from Mandarin) Korea: Korea Myanmar: Burma Laos: Lao tai (ethnic dialecst, thai, vietnam, chinese) Kambodza: Khmer Vietnam: Vietnam (feel free to try: French, English, Russian) Indonesia: Java, Sundanesia, Malay, Mandurese, Minanglabau, Indonesia, Batakki, Bali, Chinese, Aceh etc Malaysia: Bahasa malaysia (English) Philippines: Tagalog, Cebuano and others (Pilipino, English) ?! 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 6 Mentality and Values 1/2 - From Confucianism: moral, relations, family, respect for elders, hierarchial thinking, harmony and conflict avoidance. - Face: keep, save or give. - Define status in order to communicate in a proper manner. - Concept of time is often based on feelings rather than what the rolex indicates. - Pay attention to symbolism and meanings when giving gifts. - Eating is interaction as its best. (Note. Sitting order defines who pays the bill.) 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 7 Mentality and Values 2/2 - Redefine terms i.e. shake off your own understanding on such concepts as democracy, corruption, truth and lies, friends and enemies, mistakes, nepotism, contract, showing respect. 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 8 Business Mentality 1/2 - Complex and hierarchial: do you really know who decides? - Step at the time, planning secondary. - Out of sight, out of mind - No public criticism. - Debt of gratitude is a loan. - Short agreements, long (business) relations. - Business done with friends and with friends friends - Official and unofficial meetings mix. 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 9 - Authority inherited, not based on accomplishment. - Three groups for an Asian: family, friends and enemies. - Communication is hierarchial. - Collectivism before individualism (we instead of I) - Useful third persons for awkward situations. - Win-win = everybody gets something (but not necessarily win) - Trust first, details later. - Celebrate, have fun, eat & meet! Business Mentality 2/2 NO:Time is money. BUT: Money talks. 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 10 Stereo-types: Prepare with reserva-tions Their expect-ations about you Personali-ty: Background and behavioral style Before Going Market study: history,religion, ethnicity, legalities, intl & national relations, etc. 12.1.2015 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 11 Want to indulge more into Asian Mentality and Cultures? Hanuman Consulting Tel. +358 40 5868899