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A number of free SEO tools are available on the web for On-Page Optimization to make the website visible among the top searches. presents you with a list of free SEO tools for On-Page Optimization.


  • 1. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL Superlative FREE SEO Tools for On-Page Optimization 1 March20, 2014

2. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL Overview 2 2 There are a number of free SEO Tools that will help you in achieving in your goal of making your website to be among the top searches. Here is a list of free SEO tools categorized as following: Keyword Research Content Tools Technical Tools 3. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL Keyword Research Tools 3 Wordstream 4. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 4 YouTube Keyword Tool Keyword Research Tools 5. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 5 Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool Copyscape Content Tools 6. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 6 Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML Content Tools 7. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 7 Xenu's Link Sleuth Technical Tools 8. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 8 Title and Description Optimization Tool Technical Tools 9. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 9 Image SEO Tool Technical Tools 10. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 10 Google Snippet Preview Technical Tools 11. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 11 XML Sitemap Inspector Pingdom Website Speed Tool Technical Tools 12. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 1 2 Contact Us: ResultFirst 6081 Meridian Avenue, Suite 70 #167, San Jose, CA 95120 Email: Website: Thank You