Summary: How To Set Up 'Goals' On Google Analytics™

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1. Setting Goals A Brief Guide for Goal Setting for your website with Google Analytics 2. What are goals on GA? Goals track the effectiveness of: your marketing campaign, quality of your websites content, and your websites user experience (UI/UX) If youre interested in customer satisfaction and their movement within your site, using Goals in Google Analytics is quintessential. 3. Types of Goals There are 4 types of Goals: 1. Destination: Tracks when a user enters a specific page on your website. It is a check for which pages your visitors are landing on the most. Example: Thank you for registering! Web page/login screen. 2. Time On Site: Checks the amount of time a visitor spends on various pages. You could see if visitors are watching videos, reading articles, etc. Example: 8 minutes spent on blog site page 3. Pages Per Visit: Tracks the amount of page views per visitor. Each individual is tracked for the amount of pages they view per visit. Example: 4 pages visited per viewer. 4. Event: Tracks a specific action. Example: Ad click, video play, social media sign in. 4. Choosing your Goal Think on these things before choosing your Goal: What information is most important to track? Will this information add to a potential strategy to change the flow of your website? What does success mean to you and your site? More visits on a particular page, longer periods the visitors spend, more registered customers, etc.? Is there anything you could change in the content or design that could influence visitors into completing these Goals easier? What do you want the visitors to do once they reach your website? 5. Funneled Goals: To Track Progress Funnels will allow you to track where your visitors enters and exits from the path towards your Goal. Funnels will restrict the number of completed Goals to only those who follow through the entire path. The purpose of the Funnel is to create a targeted map for your traffic to flow through. Funnels may be more relevant to some businesses e.g. E- Commerce businesses with a definite checkout path than to others. 6. Conclusion Goals and Funnels on Google Analytics allow you to evaluate how effectively your website contributes to the success of your business. Check out more sites on Google Analytics Goals: A Guide To: Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics, Set Up And Edit Goals, A Beginners Guide To Setting Goals In Google Analytics Or our full blog post here We also recommend using the Qunb Google Analytics Use Case where you can get a custom report of your websites key performance indicators for free in seconds here or find out how here.