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MARKETING Strategy By Rizal Hari Magnadi

Strategic Marketing

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By Rizal Hari Magnadi

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Strategic Management

the art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives

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Marketer’s Jobs in Business Strategy (Grant, 2002)

Analyze both the micro and macro environments using appropriate tools and techniques

Continually refine this analysis in relation to changing environmental conditions

Continually analyze competitive actions and be able to either pre-empt or react to such actions

Link marketing to the overall ambitions of the organization (the corporate strategy) but with a need for flexibility

Marshal the group resources and core competences to compete within the marketplace

Marshal the components of the marketing mix to both compete within the marketplace and achieve the overall objectives of the organization

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Strategy Levels

Corporate strategy Business strategy Functional Strategy

Page 5: Strategic Marketing

Corporate Strategy Level

What business are we in? What business should we be in?

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Business Strategy Level

• Can new opportunities and new markets be identified?

• Can the business unit’s strengths and weakness be clearly identified?

• Can new product and service opportunities be identified that match current and potential customer needs?

Page 7: Strategic Marketing

Functional Strategy Level

• What goals have to be achieved at the functional level to ensure strategic success at the business and corporate levels?

• What resources are required at the functional level to achieve those goals?

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Ansoff’s Portfolio Matrix (1987)

Market Penetration

Product Development

Market Development







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Market Positioning

1. Market Leader2. Market Chalenger3. Market Follower4. Market Nicher

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Indonesian Airlines Industry

Page 11: Strategic Marketing

Specific route that not reach by other airlines (example : Papua, Sulawesi)

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Semarang Bookstore Industry