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  • Technology is Essential for the 21st Century Learner!Riverchase ElementaryCFBISDCoppell, Texas

  • AGENDAIntroduction of the STaR ChartWhy is the STaR Chart important?Riverchase DataConclusionsWhat happens next?

  • What is the STaR Chart?Acronym for School Technology and ReadinessDesigned to help teachers, campuses, and districts determine their progress toward meeting technology goals.Completed by teachersState, campus and district data is calculated

  • Why is the data important?Campus and district data can be reported to school boards, community groups and technology planning committees.Shows areas of strengths and weaknessesShows progress towards the Texas Long-Range Technology Plan (

  • Riverchase Data06-0707-0808-09

  • How we do we compare?

  • ConclusionWe are working toward and MAKING PROGRESS towards our technology goals!We are doing a great job integrating technology into our lessons.Take time to implement what you learn into lessons. Technology motivates our students!We could be Advance Technology Leaders by 2010-2011!

  • Now what?Continue to be life long learners!Motivate your students to use technology.Be creative!Be a risk taker!Find something that worked well? Share it!Do not be afraid to ask questions!