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  • 1. 1 of 17(PAPER I)1. The moisture content in a properlyseasoned timber will be in the range ofa. 5% to 8%b. 8% to 10%c. 10% to 12%d. 12% to 15%2. The strength of timber is maximum in thedirectiona. Perpendicular to the grainsb. Parallel to the grainsc. 45oto he grainsd. At all angles3. The maximum permissible slendernessratio for masonry walls isa. 40b. 30c. 20d. 104. When the corner of a brick is removedalong the line joining mid-points ofadjoining sides, the portion left is calleda. Closerb. Squint brickc. Queen closerd. King closer5. An arrangement for temporarilysupporting a structure from beneath forsafety, is known asa. Jackingb. Underpinningc. Supportingd. Hauling6. Match List I (Cement) with ListII(Characteristics) and select the correctanswer :List IA. High alumina cementB. Blast furnace cementC. Quick setting cementD. Rapid hardening cementList II1. High early strength2. Gypsum free cement3. Selenetic cement4. Used in mass concrete work5. Used in chemical factories and minesA B C Da. 5 4 2 1b. 4 3 2 1c. 5 4 3 2d. 4 5 1 27. The fineness of cement is tested bya. Air-content methodb. Air-permeability methodc. Le-Chatelier apparatusd. Vicats apparatus8. The test on cement designed to acceleratethe slaking process of the ingredient ofcement and to determine the resultingexpansion in a short time isa. Setting time testb. Soundness testc. Normal consistency testd. Accelerated test9. Consider the following statements :1. Addition of a small quantity of slakedlime to Portland cement in cementmortar increases the plasticity of themortar.2. Light weight mortar is prepared bymixing cement and finely crushed firebricks with water.3. Fire resistant mortar is prepared bymixing aluminous cement and finelyground china clay wares with water.Which of these statements are correct ?a. 1 and 2b. 1 and 3c. 2 and 3d. 1, 2 and 3I.E.S-(OBJ) 2000CCIIVVIILL EENNGGIINNEEEERRIINNGGDownload Question

2. 2 of 1710. A mortar for which both cement and limeare mixed is calleda. Gauged mortarb. Cement mortarc. Lime mortard. Light weight mortar11. As per I.S. Code of Practice, concreteshould be cured ata. 5 ob. 1 oc. 27od. 40o12. The correct sequence of workabilitytest(s)/method(s) in the order of theirapplication from low to high workability isa. Slump test, compacting factor test andVee-bee consistometerb. Compacting factor test, Vee-beeconsistometer and slump testc. Vee-bee consistometer, Slump test andCompacting factor testd. Vee-bee consistometer, compactingfactor test and Slump test13. While testing the compressive strength ofcement concrete, the correct standardconditions (viz. temperature, age, humidityand size of the specimen) to be maintainedas per I.S. area. 27 30C, 28 days, 90% and 15 cu.cmb. 26 20C, 21 days, 80% and 15 cu.cmc. 25 10C, 14 days, 75% and 10 cu.cmd. 27 30C, 7 days, 70% and 10 cu.cm14. Which one of the following statements iscorrect ?a. Bulking of sand always decreases withincrease in the quantity of waterb. The quantity of water in ordinaryconcrete should be 5% by weight ofcement and 25% by weight ofaggregatec. While mixing by weight, bulkingeffect of sand is not taken into accountd. River sand is also known as standardsand15. The ratio of direct tensile strength to thatof modulus of rapture of concrete isa. 0.25b. 0.5c. 0.75d. 1.016. A two-level section ABCD is shown in thegiven figure with ground slope 1 on randformation slope 1 on s.EF is the centre line(C/L) of the formation . Top width of theformation is 2b and widths to the toe arew1 and w2. The width w1 will bb Hr s r bb Hr s r bb Hr s r bb Hr s r 17. An equipment is available for Rs.2,00,000. It has an estimated useful life of5 years. By the double rate decliningbalance method of depreciation, the bookvalue at the end of the second year will bea. Rs. 1,28, 000b. Rs. 1,20,000c. Rs. 72,000d. Rs. 60, 00018. A 6 cu.m central concrete mixing planttakes in 1875 kg of cement, 5120 kg ofsand and 6060 kg of coarse aggregatealong with 865 kg of water per batch.There is a reduction of 1.5% in volume inthe freshly mixed wet concrete from thenominal volume. The unit weight of thefreshly mixed wet concrete will bea. 2320 kg per cu.mb. 2335 kg per 2345 kg per 2355 kg per cu.m19. IC engines usable for earthwork arecalibrated under standard conditions(denoted by suffix o) relating its horsepower Ho, standard barometric pressure P0Download Question 3. 3 of 17and standard test temperature To, all inabsolute scales H, P and T refer tocorresponding values when used underother than standard conditions. The ratio ofHo / H isa. / /o oP P T Tb. / /o oP P T Tc. / /oP P T Td. / /o oP P T T20. Match List I with List II and select thecorrect answer :List IA. Self-loading scraperB. Narrow tread high pressure tyreC. SuperchargerD. Gear ratiosList II1. Reduce loss in power2. Rim pull management3. Lower rolling resistance4. Compromise between loading andhauling performancesA B C Da. 4 3 2 1b. 4 3 1 2c. 3 4 1 2d. 3 4 2 121. Match List I(Feasibility) with List II(Emphasises on or calls for) and select thecorrect answer :List IA. SocialB. EconomicC. InputD. Co-ordinationList II1. Optimising marginal costs and benefits2. forward and backward linkages3. Interfaces4. Improving wealthA B C Da. 1 4 3 2b. 4 1 3 2c. 1 4 2 3d. 4 1 2 322. The probability that the load onscaffolding will exceed 2t is 0.15. Theprobability that the strength of thescaffolding will be more than 2t is 0.8. Theprobability of failure of the scaffoldingwill bea. 0.68b. 0.17c. 0.12d. 0.0323. Every cu.m of excavation requires either 3man-hours or 0.2 machine-hour. Therespective rates are Rs. 8 per man-hourand Rs. 200 per machine-hour. A totalquantity of 4000 cu.m of excavation is tobe done. The possible minimum total costfor the complete job, by a suitablecombination of manual and mechanicalmeans of excavation will bea. Rs. 80,000b. Rs. 1,20,000c. Rs. 1,50,000d. Rs. 1,80,00024. The total number of errors in the givenAOA network isa. 1b. 2c. 3d. 425. A, B and C are three activities to beexecuted in that order. Their total duration,in days, are 15, 24 and 18 respectively.However, fro better estimation of overalltotal duration; they are put into a laddernetwork with 3 equal sub-parts of each.The modified total duration for totalcompletion of all the activities will bea. 35 daysb. 37 daysc. 39 daysDownload Question 4. 4 of 17d. 41 days26. A part of the network with nomenclatureof a typical legend is shown in the givenfigure. There can be other incomingactivities at nodes 5, 6 and 8 but there areno other incoming activities at nodes 7 and9. There are two outgoing activities atnode 9 but no other outgoing activity atany of the other node. The other float andfree float in activity 6-7 are respectivelya. 5 and 1b. 6 and zeroc. 6 and 1d. zero and zero27. There are four consecutive activities in asimple linear network, each with meanduration of T and each with k as thestandard deviation of its duration. Theoverall project duration through theseactivities is likely to be in the rangea. 4T kb. 4T 2kc. 4T 4kd. 4T 6k28. A certain type of resource can be deployedin a variable strength during parts of theduration of an activity. The following arethe data in the context :1. Six weeks duration with 10 units of theresource in each week, or2. four weeks duration with 7 units ineach week followed by 5 weeksduration with 5 units in each week, or3. eight weeks duration with 7 units ineach week, or4. four weeks duration with 7 units ineach week followed by 3 weeksduration with 10 units in each weekFor developing the CPM networkinvolving this activity therein, the durationof this activity will be considered asa. 9 weeksb. 8 weeksc. 7 weeksd. 6 weeks29. A project is of 4 months duration andneeds expenditure of Rs. 15, 000 permonth uniformly, which should beavailable readily on hand at the beginningof each month. Bills can be raised with15% profit over cost at the end of eachmonth of work. The amount due on a billraised will be reimbursed with a furthermonth delay without any deductions. Theworking capital required and the durationfor which its maximum is needed arerespectivelya. Rs. 15,000 and from beginning to endof month 1b. Rs. 15,000 and uniformly beginning toend of month 4c. Rs. 30,000 and from end of moth 1 toend of month 2d. Rs. 45,000 and just at the end of the 2ndmonth30. Five activities are scheduled betweentime 3 days and time 14 days in a barchart. Resources loading per day for theseactivities, along with their durations areread on the bar chart grid are :Activity A B C D EDuration 3841210147111114Resource lo-ading perday5 4 8 3 2Match List I (Resource loading per day)with List II (Day number) derive fromabove data and select the correct answer :List IA. 16B. 15C. 14D. 12List II1. 12th2. 14th3. None4. 11th5. 8thDownload Question 5. 5 of 17A B C Da. 3 4 5 2b. 4 3 1 5c. 4 2 5 1d. 3 4 1 531. Assertion (A) : In a two-dimensionalstress system, the direct stresses on twoplanes at 45oan 135oto the principalplanes have the same magnitude andnature and shear stress.Reason (R) : Points representing thesestresses are on the ends of verticaldiameter of the Mohrs circle.a. Both A and R are true and R is thecorrect explanation of Ab. Both A and R are true but R is NOTthe correct explanation of Ac. A is true but R is falsed. A is false but R is true32. Consider a circular shaft of radius Rhaving the maximum shear stress fSdeveloped by an applied torque.Assertion (A) : The shear stress q at apoint on the section having coordinate(0, y) if fS y /R.Reason (R) : In the shaft, the shear stressq at a point of coordinate (x, y) is2 2Sfx yR .a. Both A and R are true and R is thecorrect explanation of Ab. Both A and R are true but R is NOTthe correct explanation of Ac. A is true but R is falsed. A