SS9 Immigration Intro

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Immigration ppt for Grade 9 Alberta Social Studies

Text of SS9 Immigration Intro


2. Concept Map Key Vocab How to best use the map 3. KEY VOCABULARY!!! Immigration: the process of people establishing homes, and often citizenship, in a country that is not their native country.What is immigration? 4. Why would you leave your country? Why would you come to Canada?Why immigration? 5. See the graph on page 167 What does this say about why Canada wants immigrants? Take a look at the objectives at the bottom of the page Identify 1 objective you think is most important for Canada when accepting immigrants. Why? Identify 1 objective you think is the least important for Canada when accepting immigrants. Why?Who immigrates? 6. But theres a reason that I havent talked to that person yetStranger Partners 7. In your partners, answer the following questions: What would be the hardest thing to adjust to if you immigrated somewhere? What should Canada do to help immigrants who have arrived in the country? Do you think Canada should have a more open or more closed immigration policy? Why?Questions 8. KEY VOCAB!!!! On page 168 Once done writing down definitions, proceed to the following tasks. To be handed in as formative assessment at the end of the class (on the same piece of paper) TASK 1: Read the purple box in the bottom of the page. In your own words describe the difference between a law and a policy. TASK 2: Answer the bolded question at the top of the page after you have read the newspaper article. TASK 3 Try and come up with one challenge that may also occur with increased immigration. Why is this a challenge, how can we solve it?Textbooks! 9. You can put away your stuff(one person needs a pen) And sit with ONE person you want to work with (or I guess 2 but definitely not 3, if you try that then you go on your own)When you get back