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  • 1. The Social Media Data Stacks A Research Collection for Marketers SPONSORED BY:D ATA I N S I G H T S
  • 2. The Social Media Data StacksThe Social Media Data Stacks is part of Watershed Publishings Data Insights series featuring trends, dataand research. This collection brings together months of surveys, reports and insights released by nationallyrecognized research and marketing organizations focused on keeping pace with the latest data about socialmedia its growth and use.The charts in this collection are ready to use, download, format, and otherwise support your marketing goals.Feel free to share the whole presentation or any slide, with your colleagues and business partners, but pleasepreserve credits to our sponsor, HubSpot, our research partners who provide the source data, and our links D ATA I N S I G H T S
  • 3. The Social Media Data StacksSocial media is a powerful force. Consider these facts. Social media site users spend an average of 5.4 hours a month engaged in networking sites. Facebook attracts 734.2 million unique visitors a month. Half of TV viewers tweet about TV shows.It is little wonder that marketers work so hard to keep pace of the social media momentum.In MarketingCharts The Social Media Data Stacks you will get the latest data on the incredible reach and influence ofFacebook and other social media sites, as well as critical information on how marketers are reacting to and budgeting forsocial media.One of the most surprising statistics is that 68% of CMOs report that they feel unprepared for the challenges of socialmedia marketing. Many of the 45 charts and accompanying analysis will help provide you with key data that can explainwhy social media marketing is so challenging, and when done well, so rewarding.We hope youll find the information in this data stack helpful to your social media marketing efforts. Enjoy! , The HubSpot Team .
  • 4. Table of ContentsFacebook, et. al. Twitter Bursts Suit TV Discussions SocNet Users Want Deals, DiscussionFacebook and the ROW LinkedIn Top Choice for Journalists Social Sites Impact 35% of ShoppersBig Time Facebook Dominance On Average, 29% Seek Purchase AdviceThe Facebook User: 5 More Hours on Sites Companies & Social Media Marketing Active SocNet Users Take It OfflineFacebook Global: 734 Million Visitors Who is Measuring Social Media Value? Sports, Education Lead DiscussionsFacebook USA: 140 Million Visitors 68% of CMOs Challenged by Social Media Top Performing CMOs Not Too Far Ahead Sponsors and PartnersTrends, Short & Long Brand Sentiment Valued, not MeasuredRise and Fall; Facebooks Steady Climb Social Media Data Feeds Strategy About HubSpotM-o-M, LinkedIn Makes Headway Google Alerts is Tool of Choice Our Data PartnersAverage Time Spent: 5.4 Hours/Month SocNets Ads Lag Behind Other Formats Sponsorship InformationFacebook Scores Lowest for Satisfaction How are Marketing Budgets Affected?Google+ Jumps to 8th, 1269% Spike 2 in 3 Will Increase Email MarketingGoogle+ Grabs 15 Million Visitors Facebook: 281% Ad Spend GrowthGoogle+ Audience Tends to be Affluent Consumers & Social Media MarketingUser Stats & Data Consumers Expect Something for LikeSite Usage Grows from 8% to 65% Consumers React to Like MarketingFemales, 18-34, Most Active on SocNets 1 in 4 Expect Weekly or Monthly Updates55+ Users Double Mobile Visits 27% of User Time is Spent on Newsfeed9 in 10 Parents Seek Friends, Family 4 in 10 Use Facebook for Social Sign-in7 in 10 Parents Seek Some LOLs 51% Access Facebook via MobileHalf of Viewers Tweet about TV Shows 8 in 10 Connect to Brands on Facebook
  • 6. Facebook and the ROWTop 10 U.S. Web Brands by Aggregate Time SpentU.S. web users monthly minutes in billions, home and workSource: The Nielsen Company We start with a big number first: 53.5 billion Facebook 53,5 minutes per month. Facebook is dominating the web brands. Yahoo 17,2 Google 12,5 In looking at a data snapshot of monthly aggregate time spent on a site for Facebook AOL Media 11,4 and the ROW (rest of the web), FacebookMSN/Windows Live/Bing 9,5 has toppled some big names. The Nielsen YouTube 9,1 Company data show that even Yahoo users come in a distant second with an average of Ebay 4,5 17.2 billion minutes per month, less than EA 4,3 one-third Facebooks total. Apple 4,3 YouTube ranks sixth, claiming 9.1 billion Microsoft 3,4 user minutes per month. The Social Media Data Stacks 6
  • 7. Big Time Facebook DominanceTop 5 U.S. Social Networks and BlogsTotal minutes (000), home and work, May 2011Source: The Nielsen Company Looking specifically at social networking/blogging sites, the others trail Facebook much more dramatically. None even come close to 1 billion 53 457 258 minutes per month. Blogger ranks second with about 724 million monthly minutes, which is more than double the roughly 325 million monthly minutes spent by users of number five social networking/blogging site LinkedIn. 723 793 623 525 565 156 325 679 Facebook Blogger Tumblr Twitter LinkedIn The Social Media Data Stacks 7
  • 8. The Facebook User: 5 More Hours on Site Top 10 Web Brands by Time Spent Time per viewer, hh:mm, per month, August 2011 Source: The Nielsen Company Facebook 7:46 In measuring time spent per user, Nielsen AOL Media 2:53 data shows that for the second straight Yahoo 2:12 month, Facebook dominated U.S. web brands in average monthly time during Google 1:48 August 2011. The average Facebook userMSN/Windows Live/Bing 1:44 spent seven hours, 46 minutes on the site. YouTube 1:41 AOL Media Network, averaged two hours, Wikipedia 1:18 52 minutes and 52 seconds. YouTube also ranked in the top 10 with an average of one Apple 1:06 hour, 41 minutes of user time for the month. Microsoft 0:45 Amazon 0:31 The Social Media Data Stacks 8
  • 9. Facebook Global: 734 Million VisitorsTop 10 Global Social NetworksBy unique visitors (000), June 2011Source: comScore A September 2011 report from comScore logs Facebook 734 240 734.2 million unique visitors to Twitter