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2. Nu putem sa NU comunicamplasamentprodus pretetc promovare 3. Comunicarea pret produs serviciuplanificatamarcom plasamentTot restulneplanificata 4. Michael Conrad Whats the BIG idea? Product idea Name idea Design idea Audience idea Distribution idea Business idea Price idea Communication idea Brand idea Collaboration idea Media idea Event - idea 5. ??? 6. ??? 7. Takete si Maluma 8. NOMEN EST OMEN 9. In Out (cei 4P)Out In (cei 4C) ProdusConsumator PretCost PlasamentConvenabilitate PromovareCommunicare 10. Multe modele Cei 4 E Experience Exchange Everyplace Evangelism Cei 4 A Awareness Acceptability Availability Affordability 11. De fapt, e simplu. Publicitatea = Storytelling De la inceputul lumii, o singura poveste: Boy meets Girl (BMG)*BMG = O relatie O relatie (care dureaza) = promisiuni pastrate de ambii parteneri * Variante: BMB, GMG, BsMG, BsMGs etc. 12. IMC Pastreaza promisiunea facuta consumatorului Mereu si consecvent Aceeasi promisiune, mereu si oriunde. 13. Social media is any tool or service that uses the Internet to facilitate conversations. 14. Social Media is the biggest change since the industrial revolution. Business Week , August, 2005. Companies that dont understand digital communities will die. The Economist, September, 2005 15. Social media engages customers, deepens relations, generates extra sales, faster time to market, better NPD [new product development] and lowers the cost of doing business. McKinsey survey (2009) 16. Some sociologists believe humans are just copying machines, basically. In the 1960s the sales of domestic air conditioning were followed and mapped for years. Findings showed that the best way to predict who would buy air conditioning came down to whether a persons neighbor bought it. People had to see it to be likely to copy it. Facebook, on the other hand, is like a digital version of the Mexican wave, because people can see what all their friends are doing. 17. Social media fulfils a fundamental human need: to communicate. We are social animals. We like to communicate with each other. Social media facilitates this by helping us to communicate more easily, to more people, whenever we want. 18. Social media is not just a marketing tool. It is, effectively, a new way of running a business. It requires a new company culture, which in turn requires company-wide support, systems and incentives. It requires a new mindset: more listening, less shouting. 19. The ladder of engagement RO(M)I - ROE 20. The ideal customer, or most valuable customer, does not have to be someone who buys a lot. The ideal customer could be an influencer who is a small irregular buyer but who posts ratings and reviews, as the reviews could influence another 100 people. 21. Believability versus transparency Contribution versus engagement Participation versus conversation Hearing versus listening Collaboration versus relationships Empathy versus being human 22. Classic marketing - SMART goals New marketing - SMARTER goals 23. Social media is about speaking with, not at people. Engage or die. Its listening that separates social media experts from social media theorists.