Some Unusual Pre-wedding Photography Ideas

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  1. 1. Some Unusual Pre-wedding Photography Ideas
  2. 2. 1 | P a g e Pre-wedding photography is, to most couples, the most exciting part of the whole process of wedding preparation. The creativity and the spontaneity that can just be explored and enjoyed while having the photography session in several chosen venues often does a lot in making this part of the preparation to be almost completely relaxing rather than stressful. Indeed, young couples can be left to explore on the kinds of setting or even the storylines that they would be presenting in the still pictures which should come out of their chosen wedding photographers hands. To inspire them--or even you yourself--better, here are some of the sweetly unusual photography ideas to start the plot planning with. 1. Using mirrors and a mirror-filled room. When you take shots with mirrors facing each other, you can just be thrilled with the infinite number of images that would be produced in effect. The resulting photograph would leave an impression of infinity on the viewers mind, ably communicating the message of pledging a love that would eternally last. Several other effects can then be achieved with mirrors such as warped images just fit for wacky shots. 2. Playing like photographers yourselves. You and your partner can portray yourselves as photographers. You can have shots that would feature the two of you facing each other, and having fun shots of each others faces. The resulting pictures would communicate your sweetest interests for each other. 3. Playing like you are already grandparents. By wearing costumes and props that would ultimately make you look like grandparents yourselves, you would also be communicating your intentions of enjoying each others company through a lifetime. Your happy faces and sweetest embraces of each other would further highlight the idea. 4. Being classic with black and white photography. If you have found colored pre- wedding images to be too common, then you may further explore on the black-and- white option. The classic effect would be intriguing enough and would thus communicate to the viewers your signature uniqueness as a couple. 5. Exploring on royal themes. You can also employ royal costumes and set your pre- wedding photography sessions in a royal palace. To cut down on the possible expenses, you may also opt to set the sessions on a studio that has just been decorated as if it were a real palace. Today, several teams of wedding photographers -- even those in Perth -- are simply capable of reproducing, in effect, the look and feel of desired sites or venues into their studios. This fact just leaves you with an infinite, possible pre-wedding ideas.