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Presentation on Social Media And Social CRM


  • 1. Its All Who You Know: CRM and Social Media Marketing Presented by Brad Tornberg
  • 2. Eating The Elephant How do you eat an Elephant?
  • 3. How?One bite at a time Relax Enjoy Learn Investigate Decide Invest Implement Evaluate
  • 4. What is CRM? Review of Definition Customer Relationship From Lead to Customer Service Review of Landscape Review of Options Hosted vs. On Premise Review of Pricing
  • 5. What Is The Industry Doing?
  • 6. Social media in B:B isnt just about marketing Online conversations Listening Customer Service Spotting Trends Collaborating Your own support desk
  • 7. What Does CRM and Social Media have in common? Identify Opportunities Listen for Needs Identify Trends, Suggest Ideas and Value Add Gain a jump on your competitors Becoming one in the same New Term Social CRM Integration After allits who you know
  • 8. Trends Sites on the rise specific focus separation of noise personal feel good stuff vs. relevant business related information. The formation of the universe of listening Listening or filtering for key words, phrases, terms, Use of RSS Connection/Extension of social circles to gain entrance into relationships. Permission following.
  • 9. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing Outbound Inbound(Prospecting, Hunting, Interrupting) (Attracting, Educating, Getting Found) Print Ads Blogs, e-books, white papers Radio Ads Podcasts Television Ads Videos Tradeshows Webinars Cold Calling Search Engine Optimization E-mail Blasts RSS, Feeds
  • 10. The marketing hourglassKnow Like Trust Try Buy Repeat ReferArticles Web site Marketing Webinar Service Post job Results Kit Team survey Reviews Ads Reception Evaluation New White Cross sell PartnerReferrals Newsletter Nurturing Customer paper Intros Kit Sales Finance Quarterly Peer2Peer Presentation Delivery Events Events
  • 11. Where To Start?
  • 12. Listen First
  • 13. 2 Great Listening Tools
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. A listening station Google Alerts Google Reader Search.twitter
  • 17. Paid listening station Filterbox/Jive Software Trackur Radian6 Buzzlogic
  • 18. Who do I follow? Mr tweet Twubble Just Tweet It search.twitter
  • 19. CRM systems are beginning to integrate with social mediaACT! 2011
  • 20. Integrate and amplify your message
  • 21. Social Media Pro
  • 22. Social Media Pro Five Sessions Delivered over 5 Weeks Each session has 4 8 Lessons Each lesson includes: A video presentation PDF presentation and video transcript Action steps Resources for each step Supplemental videos to guide you through the action steps
  • 23. Social Media Pro Programs Self study course Group Coaching Individual Coaching Programs Also Available
  • 24. Additional Program Or Questions?
  • 25. Want to be Listened to?Then Go Grab Your Digital Real Estate
  • 26. Create a Google personal profile
  • 27. Local search profiles Google Maps Yahoo Local Bing
  • 28. Social search profiles Yelp! CitySearch Insider Pages
  • 29. A blog is a great way to get found
  • 30. Blogging best practices Read, follow, and listen Write what people search Feed the spiders often Engage your comment community Amplify your message
  • 31. Create a LinkedIn profile page
  • 32. LinkedIn best practices Profile links, keywords, descriptive Status updates Repurpose content Slideshare, YouTube Search for leads Ideal Customer Profile Recommend Questions and Answers
  • 33. Twitter is Like text messagingEXCEPT Instead of you deciding who to send the message to You broadcast messages We decide if we want to listen (follow) P..S. You can also send direct messages, just like regular texting.
  • 34. Some basic Facebook stuff Profile Fan Page Groups Ads
  • 35. Create a fanbusiness page
  • 36. Facebook best practices Build fan page Promote with special modules and content Repurpose content Be consistent Buy ads to promote content