Social Media in Marketing Research: Geolocation Services

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  • 1.Social Networks In MarketingResearch: Geolocation Services How can marketers use Foursquarein service quality research?Larisa DANCHENOK, Ph.D., ProfessorPeter NEVOSTRUEV, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorMoscow State University of Economics, Statisticsand Informatics (MESI)

2. How do they express themselves?What is the difference?What has changed? 3. Introduction and ObjectivesHypothesisability of using geolocation services as a sourceof information about the actual quality ofcustomer service. 4. Introduction and ObjectivesObjectives1. Identification of the proportion of geolocation services users among social networks users and the underlying causes and directions of use.2. Identification of the proportion of people which do not use geolocation services and the reasons why they do not use them.3. Assess the willingness of consumers to provide feedback on the service quality in geolocation services instead of traditional methods of expression.4. Review existing tips on the service quality in several venues. 5. Conceptual FrameworkGeolocation services are based on theidentification of the real-world geographiclocation of user and allow to use the socialconnections. 6. Method1. Online survey Google Docs 9 days 306 respondents2. Content-analysis of the tips in geolocation services (foursquare) Branches: Fast-Food, Coffee House, Banks, Cellular Operators, Sushi 7. Method: Target AudienceAdvanced social networks users180 Male 37%Female 63% 57 28 27140 17 18-22 23-27 28-3536-50 50 Gender Age 8. Findings: Online Survey How do you use geolocation services? (%)It is convenient to find new places54It is fun to use (great to be mayor, for48 example) Watch over my friends, where they are and 47where they go I want to earn more points (nice to compete) 26It is trendy 20To participate in special promotions1328 % of respondents are users of geolocation services. The most popular reason whypeople use geolocation services: 1) easy of finding new venues, 2) an entertainmentcomponent, 3) desire to track the movement of the friends. 9. Findings: Online Survey What services do you use? (%) 65Google Latitude 28Facebook Paces16Altergeo.ru15 Other 14The most popular geolocation services is foursquare. 10. Findings: Online SurveyHow often do you post tips and photos? (%)60 58464035262011126 7 0Very often Sometimes No, I don`t I don`t know how Tips PhotosThe majority of respondents post some tips and photos sometimes. 11. Findings: Online SurveyWhy don`t you use any geolocation services? (%)I do not know what it is 47Not see any reason39 Inconvenient to use 5Previously enjoyed, tired4Technical difficulties 4 Its not confidential 1The main reasons why respondents did not use geolocation services: is non-acquaintance and also the lack of meaning in using. But only 21 % said that they justwill not use such services in the future. So 79 % could be users. 12. Findings: Online SurveyIf the service quality is horrible what you do? (%)I will write about it in geolocation 51 serviceI will call a manager36 I will ask for Book of claims26I will do nothing13 Other 6If the service quality in an venue are not satisfied with the respondent (51 %) of usersof geolocation services write about it in the service, but not in the traditional sources(for example: the Book of claims). 13. Findings: Content AnalysisVenuesTips perCheck- Tips per Share ofVenueswith Check- 1000ins per10 venuesamounttips ins Tips chek-insvenuevenues with tips 1 2 3 45678Fast-Food (2) 121 44 1223920817 10117 36Coffee Houses(3) 177 92 637521073 17 36061 52Banks (2) 89243762 7319 428 27Cellularoperators (2) 110 146020 376553 13Sushi (3) 102 63 1183442936 11642 62 14. Findings: Content AnalysisCoffee Houses 400 350 300 Tips amount 250 200 150 10050 0 Bad Neutral Good Coffee House7342 50 Caffeine3138154 Sturbucks 133178374 15. Findings: Content AnalysisFast-Food 50 45 40 35 Tips amount 30 25 20 15 1050 McDonalds 42 47 47 Burger King 18 23 31 16. Findings: Content AnalysisBanks 40 35 30 25 Tips amount 20 15 1050BadNeutral Good Sberbank4 15 Alfa Bank37 15 11 17. Findings: Content AnalysisCellular 16 14 12 Tips amount 1086420 123 MTS5 72 Beeline 15 71 18. Findings: Content AnalysisSushi 120 10080 Tips amount604020 0 Bad Neutral GoodMenza 5726Yaposha8344 75Yakitotiya 3953 97 19. DiscussionConclusions on the content analysis Neutral feedbacks on average 20-30 %. The average amount of the tips per 1,000check-in is 19. Activity of users in geolocation servicesdepends on the industry specification. 20. DiscussionThe reasons for users write in the geolocationservices1. Nobody forces a consumer to write a tip in a geolocation service, he does it voluntarily2. Notice may affect the credibility of the authors name, not being anonymous3. There is no pressure from staff4. A note left on neutral territory, not owned by company5. You do not need a special equipments or tools 21. Further Research Periodic survey (six months, year) to identifythe dynamics of user involvement ingeolocation services and direction of their use. Advanced and more in-depth content analysisof tips and photos. The survey and depth interviews to identifyreasons why people use geolocation services. Modeling consumer satisfaction indexes basedon geolocation services content analysis. 22. Managerial Implications Consumer behavior is changing and marketing research also must be changed.Companies should use the information fromgeolocation services for studying of consumersbehavior and satisfaction. 23. Thank you!Find us on Facebook