Social Media: Going Viral - Who's talking about you?

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Be irresistible and grow with the community who loves what you do. What does it take to get people telling your best story?

Text of Social Media: Going Viral - Who's talking about you?

  • 1. WhosTalkingaboutYou? Spread a Story, Build a Fiercely Loyal Community
  • 2. WhatsYOUR story?
  • 3. Whos Already Listening? Build your network before you need it. Start with the folks who love you now.
  • 4. EnoughaboutME.Lets TalkaboutYOU!
  • 5. Got meaning? Come out from behind the curtain. Connect people to people with solutions.
  • 6. Replacethatpitch with aninvitation!
  • 7. Will They PAY Attention? Make it about them. Use the art of persuasion. Match the offer to your relationship.
  • 8. Raise abarnDontbuild acoliseum
  • 9. Why Would They Help You? Make it easy, fast, and meaningful. Show them how sharing it will make them a star.
  • 10. Reward andCelebrate yourHeroes!
  • 11. Loyalty is a relationship. Campaigns make sales. Community building makes long-term relationships.
  • 12. Liz StraussLiz @ LizStrauss . com773. 619.0371