Social Media for Local Businesses

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Presentation given to local businesses attending the JSOnline Social Media Marketing for Local Business Seminars on July 21, 2010.

Text of Social Media for Local Businesses

  • 1. Social Media Marketing for Local Business
    Chris Treadaway
    July 21, 2010

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 34th state Ive visited
which puts me 1 ahead of
8. But in all seriousness
Chris Treadaway
Founder, CEO Notice Technologies
3 years at Microsoft, Group Product Manager for Web 2.0 Strategy
BA Louisiana State University
MBA University of Texas
Twitter -- @ctreada
9. 10. Partial Client List
11. 12. 13. Old Spice TV ad 1978
14. Original Ad
Personalized Follow Up
Most Successful Internet Marketing Campaign Ever
180+ personalized videos
35 million video views in 7 days on YouTube!
15. 16. Latest Social Media Statistics
Facebook is the #1 social network in the world by a large margin
Just under 500 million active users worldwide
~50% log in every day
Average session time 55 minutes
Estimated 150 million people on Facebook mobile (up from 65 million in September 2009)
Twitter lagging in audience, repeated & habitual usage, and awareness
17. 18. Local Penetration of Facebook
19. Milwaukee
20. Milwaukee
460,000+ adults
700,000+ in metro area
and growing!!!
21. 22. Latest Facebook Demographic Data
Milwaukee area?
~44% men roughly 400k women & 300k men
23. Facebook is Immersive
24. Anatomy of a Phenomenon
2003-2005 sleepy, college phenomenon
2006-2007 college student early adopters move on, want to keep in touch
2008-2009 Facebook goes mainstream
25. Revenge of the Big Brands
26. 27. 28. The News Feed Battleground
29. Engage or struggle
Play to your strengths
Establish authentic relationships w/ local customers
Marketing communications
Demand Generation
Drive traffic to your storefront
Announce real-time deals & discounts
Customer Service
Manage Complaints
Manage Reviews
30. Authenticity in Shared Experiences
Facebook prominent, but others important
Yelp, Citysearch, etc.
Reviews and the like make everyone a publisher
We wont charge you unless your car really needs work.
I had a great customer experience with Lambs Automotive and Great Hills Auto Service.
Casual observer
Wow that was a great customer experience.
31. Content is king
32. Your Toolbox
Facebook Advertising
Photos & Video
E-mail marketing
Good olfashioned print
33. It may seem frustrating
34. But you can do it
Expertise comes when you know what tool to use when & why
youre able to measure success & outcomes
you know how to adjust your approach
And make changes to your marketing
35. Baby Steps
Self-serve revolution
Tools can help
Dont be afraid to ask for help
Fail to succeed
Youll get there
36. Thank You!
Twitter -- @ctreada
37. 38. How Customers Find You