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  1. 1. Social Media & Business Marketing@Karen RubinHubSpot
  2. 2. Agenda1. What is Social Media?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Wikipedia:Social media is an umbrella term that definesthe various activities that integrate technology,social interaction, and the construction ofwords and pictures.Mike Volpe:Its media (content that is published) with asocial (anyone can add to it) component.
  4. 4. Social Media in Plain English
  5. 5. Ice Cream as Social Media = media (contentthat is published) = social (anyonecan add to it)component
  6. 6. Common Craft as Social Media
  7. 7. Agenda1. What is Social Media?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  8. 8. Im 48. I dont understand this Social Media stuff. Similar to a business cocktail reception Without constraints of time or space
  9. 9. Business Cocktail Party Advice Meet people and start conversations Answer questions help others Ask questions trust others advice
  10. 10. Social Media = Cocktail Party Become a real member of the community Add value to the community Ask and answer questions More effective than live cocktail parties No boundaries of time or space Other people can listen in easily
  11. 11. Agenda1. What is Social Media?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  12. 12. 3 Types of Social Media SharePublish Network
  13. 13. Social Media: Publish Everyone can publish anything for everyone
  14. 14. Marketing Tips for SM-Publish Publish: Everything you have anywhere you can Monitor what others publish, promote it Empower your customers to publish
  15. 15. Publish What You Have SolidWorks: 100+ Videos on Website Published on YouTube, No Promotion 10,000+ Views / Month
  16. 16. Monitor Whats Published
  17. 17. Promote Flattering Content
  18. 18. Empower Customers to Publish Hacking Netflix Blog run by customer / fan Top 1% of all websites, Top 0.25% of blogs
  19. 19. 3 Types of Social Media SharePublish Network
  20. 20. Social Media: Share Anyone can promote anything to everyone
  21. 21. Marketing Tips for SM-Share Monitor whats being shared about you Find where your audience hangs out Promote your content and other content Produce content your audience will love
  22. 22. Monitor Whats Being Shared
  23. 23. for Market Research
  24. 24. Where Does Your Audience Hang Out NameOverviewStatsDemographicGood Community saves 2 million registered users Somewhat young,Most companies. (Yahoo) and shares web technical and web- has broad bookmarks 2 million visitors / mo. centric, but growing inaudience, but skewsreachtoward people interested in media and blogs DiggCommunity 18 million visitors/ moYoung males working in Offbeat news, politics, submits and votestechnology.stories about Internet, on news stories 4 million registered users 94% male Web2.0, technology,88% are 18-39Apple, design , web64% income >$75k design, environment39% blog StumbleUpon Community 4 million registered users Because you can segmentAll companies. submits and votesby lots of interest areas, You can get traffic on web pages, 1 million visitors/ mo.almost anything workswith even one vote, then people visitwell on StumbleUponand you dont need to pages based on(people use the service be a power user to do number of votes without visiting website) well.
  25. 25. Promote Flattering Content
  26. 26. Content Your Audience Loves ContentDescription Result GoDaddy's 16-StepBlog Article on 695 Diggs and thousands of Checkout: BrainlessBlog.HubSpot.comweb visitors Marketing At Its Finest?Website Grader Interactive tool that Over 3,000 Del.icio.usprovides a free marketing bookmarks and overand SEO report250,000 unique websitessubmittedSocial Media Webinar Webinar for marketing Over 1,500 registrations,professionals on social promoted for free by othermedia and marketing bloggers
  27. 27. 3 Types of Social Media SharePublish Network
  28. 28. Social Media: Network Anyone can connect with everyone from anywhere
  29. 29. Marketing Tips for SM-Network Make friends Find your existing connections Network through groups Add to your email signature, blog articles, bio or profile Be helpful Answer questions Share interesting content Make connections
  30. 30. Make Friends & Be Helpful
  31. 31. Agenda1. What is Social Media?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  32. 32. Blog Subscribers & Visitors
  33. 33. Bookmarks
  34. 34. Inbound Links
  35. 35. Facebook Fans & Activity
  36. 36. Other Metrics Video views on YouTube Friends on Facebook or LinkedIn Votes for blog articles Posts in forums Questions answered on Yahoo Answers
  37. 37. Traffic, Leads and Customers Visitors Leads Customers StumbleUpon 1,892120 LinkedIn834722 Facebook5118 1
  38. 38. Questions? Twitter: @KarenRubin Linked In: Email