Social Media & Fixed Ops: Your Hidden Gold Mine to Attract Visitors, Build Genuine Fans, & Generate Leads

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Join us for a fascinating Webinar on the new Social Economy and how to create more business in the Service Drive. Studies show there's never been more pressure on Fixed Ops to capture business from after-market service providers. Social Media helps you leverage your already-existing customer database and foster repeat business. 84% of consumers say a referral from friends & family influences their decision. Word-of-mouth has always been the preferred way your customers want to buy. Social Media is word-of-mouth...digitized.


  • 1. & Fixed Ops Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Your Hidden Gold Mine to Attract Visitors, Build Genuine Fans, & Generate Leads Social Media

2. 2 Copyright 2011 TK Carsites. All rights reserved. PRESENTER 714.251.6440 Facebook: kathikruse Twitter: @kathikruse LinkedIn: krusecontrol 3. If You Have Questions During The Presentation, Please Submit Them Using The Questions Feature Questions Will Be Answered At The End Of The Webinar 3 Copyright 2011 TK Carsites. All rights reserved. QUESTIONS 4. @TKCarsitesinc TK Carsites Social Networks Chat with us during the Webinar on Facebook and Twitter! Copyright 2011 TK Carsites. All rights reserved. 5. This is Me 6. Shift Happens Eric Miltch 7. Feed the Bear 8. Targeted Marketing Relationship Building 9. Changing Customer Loyalty Landscape 10. Biggest threat: Aftermarket Chains Aging Dealership Loyalists Young Aftermarket Loyalists 11. Avg Vehicle Age: 10.8 Years (1/12) Aging Vehicle Population Favors Aftermarket Vehicles 7Yrs+ = 13% Buy from Dealership Loss of Bread & Butter Services 12. Born into a world of hype, their BS-detectors are highly sensitive and calibrated with Social feedback. 13. Social Media & Online Ratings 14. Consequently.... Tried & true selling methods that worked as recently as 2 years ago work far less well today. 15. Social Media is: Word of Mouth...Digitized 16. Interconnectivity 17. Todays customer doesnt just buy what you sell...they buy WHO YOU ARE. 18. How do you buy? 19. Social Business: 20. The Social Shift: Daily Operations 21. Your Community Manager 22. 4 Elements of Facebook Marketing Success 23. Greet Visitors Right 24. Lead Generation Form 25. Cheap Effective Facebook Ads 26. Content Strategy: Engage Your Community Relevant Human Interested Helpful Be: 80/20 rule 27. Social Media Your Digital Backyard BBQ 28. Listen. 29. Facebook Timeline 30. Seek Genius Be Social Re-Tweet Search Leverage Tools 31. Likable Expert Engagement SEO 1-2 Times/Week Staff Participation Dealership Blog 32. Integrate Lean on Already-Existing Presence Your valuable Database Email Marketing Direct Mail Marketing Cross-Promotion 33. Used Car Nightmare 34. What does your Online Reputation say about you? 35. Key to Success: Your Team 36. Proactive Strategy 1.Train Frontline personnel 2.Signage 3.Community Manager 4.Tap into Brand Advocates 5.Motivate, recognize & reward 6.Lean on already-existing presence 7.Video and Testimonials 37. Social Media Policy Head Off Trouble 38. Take Action! Free eBook Download Email me: 39. Subscribe: Kruse Control Blog 40. Kathi Kruse Social Media Coaching & Training 714.251.6440 Thank You! Facebook: kathikruse Twitter: @kathikruse LinkedIn: krusecontrol


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