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SOUTH BEACH FOOD & WINE FESTIVALBY: Cynthia BauzaLorena FernandezAurora HernandezOdairys RodriguezShalley Villamarin


Celebrating 15th year in 2016National, Star-Studded, Four-day destination eventTalents of worlds most renowned wine & spirits producers, chefs & culinary personalities Hosted by FIU & Southern Wine & Spirits of FloridaOne of largest & most well-known festivals of its kindAttracts more than 60,000 guests to its 75+ eventsBACKGROUND

To date the Food Network & Cooking Channel SOBE WFF has raised approximately $20Million in support of educational programs at FIUs Chaplin School of Hospitality & TourismAdditional funds are awarded as scholarships to students demonstrating exceptional performance while volunteering in all aspects of the festivalProviding opportunities for community as it highlights cultural and ethnic food from all over the worldCOMMUNITY & CULTURE

SOBE WFF has three major social media outlets to inform audiences about the event and generate community interaction. The three main platforms used are


STRENGTHS CONTINUEDSOBE WFF appeals to both genders who enjoy food, wine, and celebrity chefs.Informative website that is easy to navigate. It includes a Media tab that informs its audience that they can share SOBEWFF by using Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Pinterest. Utilizes a Facebook Like page in order to communicate to its audience about ticket sales, recognize celebrities birthdays that have participated, merchandise discounts, and promotes its audience to download their mobile app during festival days.Its Twitter account is managed by its founder, Lee Brian Schrager. It has over 21.1K followers.The SOBEWFF promotes the hashtag #SOBEWFF to tag pictures throughout the festival on various forms of social media.

The information on its Facebook page is very repetitive. It posts the same two pictures to inform its fans about ticket sales. Also, it lacks on engaging with its fans.It does not have an Instagram account. Fans can tag photos using its hashtag #SOBEWFF, however there are other similar hashtags that use the #SOBEWFF but ends with the event year. Example: #SOBEWFF2015It does not have its own Twitter account. Even though its managed by its founder, he uses it as a personal account. The link that is attached to share the SOBEWFF to Pinterest does not work. Which can confuse followers if they are trying to reach out to others.WEAKNESSES

Creating a Twitter account solely for SOBE Food and Wine Festival will direct followers towards this particular festival location.Launch an Instagram page in order to spark interest in followers while promoting the #SOBEWFFSOBE WFFs Facebook has about 42,000 likes where a majority of the pictures being displayed are ads.Redesigning its present Facebook page by demonstrating pictures of the culinary personalities, renowned chefs and wine/spirit producers, as well as introducing incentives such as contests sporadically will generate new potential customers while increasing engagement led by a staff of Social Media influencers, interacting with its audience.OPPORTUNITIES

On Pinterest, when searching SOBE Food and Wine Festival less than a thousand pins appear from previous years.In order to strengthen their presence on Pinterest, a small team should be hired to collect photos taken by the professional photographers sifting through the most popular drinks and dishes. Establishing new Pinterest boards organized annually while providing the recipes in description will produce positive word-of-mouth advertising.SOBE Food and Wine Festivals website is currently displaying its hashtag (#SOBEWFF) and select Instagram pictures on its homepage in a discrete manner.By positioning the hash tag and embedding the social media sites onto the homepage instead of the taskbar, will enhance engagement levels therefore increasing web traffic and attracting more people to the event.


Major competitors such as Epcots Food and Wine Festival has an advantage over SOBE WFF by simply allowing customers to take pictures themselves which most likely will be instantly shared on social mediaInsufficient exposure/advertising of the festivalLack of interaction and creative strategies on social media sitesPotential negative feedback causing harm to SOBE WFF brand on any of the social media platforms

THREATS contains an interactive tab that allows you to view its social media accounts.

(Lee Schragers Instagram is not displayed)

SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK42,101 people have liked this page (increases daily)There is more audience engagement within the FB account compared to the Twitter account.Most likes observed: 65Most comments observed: 9Most shares observed: 35Posts are focused around ticket-sale promosPosts frequency: Every 2 days (on average)

SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTERTwitter account belongs to the founder and director of #SOBEWFF, Lee SchragerAbout 21,000 followersTweets related to the festival receive the most likes and retweets (highest # of retweets: 10)Retweets the Food Network oftenDidnt observe frequent comments

SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAMInstagram account also belongs to Lee Schrager1,605 followers (fluctuates)#SOBEWFF is the most commonly used hashtag to engage with its audience31,990 posts hash-tagged Majority of posts consist of food from local restaurants, and Lee Schrager photographed with people such as chefs, celebrities, event employees and friends More personal than business/promotion orientedMost likes observed: 65Most comments observed: 5

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY ANALYSISTarget Audience:Males and Females College-educated adultsAge: 22-44Middle and high social class

How Consumers Use SobeWFF Social Media Posting Picture on Instagram.Hashtagging and tagging locationTwitting tweetsLeaving Facebook comments on SobeWFF page Tagging friends on SobeWFF social media pages.

SobeWFF social media target audience is mainly women, but men are beginning to attend the festival more through out the years. So the men population on SobesWFFs social media is rising. Most of SobeWFFs consumers are college-educated adults between the ages 22-44, and those are the ones who are more active in the social media account. They post pictures hashtagging SobeWFF as well as tagging the location. They also tweet about SobeWFF and mention the Director and founder of SobeWFF (Lee Brain Schrager).


3 Best Tools For SobeWFF Social Media 33Across: tool that helps SobeWFF gets a bigger and complete picture of their online audience.Google Analytics: This tool gives you a social report and Activity Stream to show what people are talking about your SobeWFF site on social network.Hootsuits: This tool can help keep track and manage all your social media accounts. Also helps you to know what people are saying about SobeWFF and helps you respond quickly.Advantages Helps manage your content you want to share in a faster and better way.Save you timeShows you what type of people are viewing your social mediaShows what they are doing Gives you an idea of what needs improvement Disadvantage of Tools.It can be hard to keep track of all the social media analytic.SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS

What SobeWFF is Doing RightAdvertisement on Facebook is constantKeeps profile updatedFounder & Director interacts with followersSolid hashtag trendImprovementsMore Social media platforms like:InstagramTwitter Vine YoutubeGain more Followers, have the consumers be more interested in following SobeWFF social media.Add more visuals to catch viewer attention Be more interesting on social media; get the audience excited for event by using good content. SOCIAL MEDIA RIGHTS & IMPROVEMENTS

SobeWFF has a good Facebook page where they advertise nicely and gives the audience enough information about the event. The Facebook page is also updated and active daily. SobeWFF doesnt provide its audience with a twitter account but they have the founder and director twitter page. He is constantly retweeting, and interacting with his followers. This can actually be an advantage for the organization because they able to communicate directly the man who created it all. In their website they provide a personal hashtag (#SOBEWFF) this is a good way to give the audience the opportunity to use the hashtage in any social media. Improvements: There is a significant amount of improvements when it comes to Sobes social media. To begin with they need to create more social media accounts like: Instagram, and a SobeWFF twitter page, Vine and a YouTube account. This will increase exposure and receive more real customer insights. Also social media helps manage the organizations reputations. SobeWFF needs to gain more followers since its the #1 Food & Restaurant industry Event in the US and that needs to reflect on their social media. Adding more visuals and being more interesting is very effect in social media. Visual grabs people attention and ones the attention is grab its necessary to be interesting. SobeWFF need to give their audience an attention grabber, by creating an Intagram this can improve drastically. People want to get a visual of what SobeWFF is all about. Even though they promote very well they still need to step up their game on the social media world. 17

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