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DESCRIPTION This slideshow looks at hiring meeting rooms in London

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2. Meeting rooms It is possible to rent meeting rooms in London on an ad hoc basis. This makes it possible for you to keep fees down as you only have to pay for a meeting space when you have to it. It also enables you to create a great first impression which will allow you to close those vital contracts. You will find a massive variety of meeting rooms out there and deciding on the correct one is incredibly important and can have a big influence on the success of your meeting. There are a variety of factors to think about when looking for a meeting room.W12 Conferences 2 3. Location Location is important especially if you use the meeting rooms fairly often. Youll likely need to bring laptops and important documents to the meeting. You of course do not want to carry these very far so a meeting room that is close to your place of work is paramount. Travel time is also a vital element to consider. If it will take 30 minutes to get to your meeting room and your meeting is 1 hour long, each meeting will take 2.5 hours. Compare this to having a meeting room which is nearby.W12 Conferences 3 4. Consistent branding Impressions are everything in business. Firms spend lots of money on branding and therefore it is essential to keep up this brand when in meetings. If you are a top brand, you do not want to hire a budget meeting room. Likewise you dont want to book a meeting room thats too luxurious if your main USP is price as this could create the impression that you are overpriced.W12 Conferences 4 5. Perfect size Size matters as they say! A meeting room designed for the correct number of attendees is a must. A crowded room will make people feel uncomfortable, whilst a meeting room which is too large for you will make it look unpopular. You should layout of the meeting rooms to ensure the meeting room can be arranged to suit your needs; check for example, that everyone who attends will be able to see the people who are speaking without unnecessary obstructions.W12 Conferences 5 6. Ready to use It is essential to select a meeting room which is already set up. You do not want to be wasting time setting things up. You also dont want to bring your own equipment. While its not a big deal for a one off meeting, for those who book meeting rooms frequently, the time you spend setting things up will be massive.W12 Conferences 6 7. Price When these points have been considered, the last point to consider is price! Is it possible to find a venue which fits all the above requirements thats in your budget for the meeting? If not, you need to go back through the points to understand the necessary elements as well as the desirable ones!W12 Conferences 7 8. Testimonals Its vital to read testimonials before you hire the meeting room. This will provide you with a good indication of the quality as well as the service offered. When reading testimonials, check the date. The testimonial does not count for a lot if its out of date.W12 Conferences 8 9. Are you looking for a meeting room inLondon? Try W12 Conferences Conferences 9