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SlideShare Test

A SlideShare TestExperimenting with Click to TweetAugust 9, 2013Christopher Seeto1

When you see this icon:Click on it and you will send a phrase to your account twitter

August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto2

AgendaTestTest QuoteTest DataTest RepliesTest Over

August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto3

Enter and Lets begin

August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto4

TestSorry followers, I am testing click through tweets for the 5-10 minutes.August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto5

Test QuoteLogic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. A. EinsteinAugust 9, 2013Christopher Seeto6

Test FactFACT: Many languages, yet mama is the universal word for all babies.August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto7

Test Replies to add mentionsTo see if you can:Edit the tweetMention the twitter account e.g. @CTSeetoRefer to a commentDoes not allow:Direct reply to tweetAugust 9, 2013Christopher Seeto8

Test RepliesThanks for your help.August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto9

Test OverThe click to tweet slideshare tests are over. Thank you for your patience. August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto10

Thank youFor your participation by clicking on the icons

This will allow me to design a campaign using these the techniques in this slideshowAugust 9, 2013Christopher Seeto11

Special ThanksThe designer: David Ferreiras portfolio IconsWPZOOM for promoting Davids work and the 500 free social media iconCreative Commons August 9, 2013Christopher Seeto12