Simple ways prepaid incentive cards can help your business

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Using prepaid cards as incentives for customers and employees can benefit your business by driving sales, generating brand awareness, and increasing customer and employee loyalty.

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  • 1. smartOne Prepaid 2014 smartOne Prepaid 2014 Simple Ways Prepaid Incentive Cards Can Help Your Business

2. smartOne Prepaid 2014 More companies are turning to Prepaid Award Cards as incentives to help motivate, reward and recognize their employees and customers. 3. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Prepaid cards can: Build employee and customer loyalty Enhance marketing promotions Fulfill customer rebates Help you grow your business smartOne Prepaid 2014 4. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Improve Employee Incentive Programs Perfect for recognizing employees milestones and achievements such as: Employment Anniversaries Certification Completion Safety and Performance Goals Sales Incentives Spot Awards smartOne Prepaid 2014 5. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Build Employee Loyalty Rewards and recognition contribute to increased job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction can benefit your company, by reducing turnover and related expenses. 6. smartOne Prepaid 2014 $ Build Customer Loyalty Thank your customers. Create repeat business. Promote brand interaction. Use prepaid cards to: Reward customers when they refer a friend. Recognize loyal customers for milestones, like subscription anniversaries, special purchases or purchase thresholds. Offer rebates when signing up for or purchasing specific items. 7. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Marketing Promotions Customized Prepaid Cards are a perfect complement to any of your marketing promotions. Unique brand promotion contributes to increased brand recognition and brand loyalty. Can be used as incentives to promote specific products, campaigns, or give as contest prizes. smartOne Prepaid 2014 8. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Why Prepaid Cards? 9. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Benefits of Prepaid Cards Safety and security: Prepaid Visa Debit Card and Prepaid Debit MasterCard are backed by Zero Liability Policies, protecting against fraudulent use if lost or stolen. Universal acceptance: Prepaid Award Cards can be used anywhere Visa debit or Debit MasterCard is accepted, at millions of retail locations in store, over the phone or online whereas gift cards are usually limited to one retailer. Branding and Marketing: Customize your card with your company logo or custom image to increase brand recognition. Your employees, customers and business partners will think of you every time they swipe the card, making the Prepaid Award Card an extension of your marketing strategy. 10. smartOne Prepaid 2014 More Benefits of Prepaid Save time and money: Eliminate the time and money associated with issuing paper checks, and canceling and replacing lost checks. Convenience for your cardholders: Funds are available immediately on the card no more waiting for reimbursement checks, spending out of pocket, or having to go to the bank to cash a check. Convenience for your business: Instead of purchasing gift cards from a local retailer, you can order your Prepaid Award Cards online and have them delivered to your business (or even directly to the individual recipients), rather than having to go out every time you need to replenish your supply. Plus, you wont be limited to the selection the store has on hand, or the predetermined denominations. 11. smartOne Prepaid 2014 Visit us at or call 1-800-391-9503 to learn more about how smartOne Prepaid can help you build loyalty, drive sales and increase engagement for your business. Cards issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC


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