Simple Tips For Awesome Startup Copywriting

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  • Simple Tips For Awesome Startup Copywriting

  • Hello!I am Chris Giarratana

    You can find me at:

  • Purpose

    Kappa SigmaDeputy Commissioner of Kappa Sigma

    Bion MarketingDigital Marketing Consultant

    TravelClickMedia Campaign Manager

  • Copywriting is cool

    Build a lasting brand and drive conversions

    with powerful copy.

  • 1.Focus On Your Target AudienceThey are very important.

  • Focus On Your Target Audience

    Compelling copy is: Relevant Consistent Consumable Optimized

    Use customer interviews, market research, and user personas.

  • Things to consider

    InterestUncover their interests in your product. Use copy to address their needs.

    DemographicAlign copy with audience demographic. Use language and patterns to reflect.

    ConsumptionOptimize content around how your audience consumes your content.

  • 2.Benefits & ResultsIts not about features.

  • Your audience cares about themselves, not you.

    Purchase = Benefits & Results Value = Saving Time & Money Improve Life, Achieve Goals

    Tailor your content for your reader by their needs.

  • 3.Optimized ContentContent to be found.

  • Write for people, optimize for robots

    Use the right keywords Integrate to read well Publish & Promote

    20% of time writing, 80% of time promoting

  • Research, the process, optimize

    Tools- Keyword Planner

    - SEMRush


    The Process- Keyword Planner

    for general.

    - SEMRush for


    - LSI Graph for

    opportunities &


    Optimize- 600 - 1500 word


    - 3 primary

    keywords, 2


    - Interlink blog posts

    to main pages

  • Keyword Planner

  • SEMRush


  • 4.Actionable TipsEnough theory...

  • Actionable tips

    2-3 sentence paragraphs Bold important information/keywords Use bullet points when possible Use photos to break up text Align photos to the right Always include a clear CTA

    Use Google Analytics to understand customers. Optimize copy around them.

  • Build a relationship

    Conversation- you and I Tell stories Relate to your audience Address objections early

    Use Google Analytics to understand customers. Optimize copy around them.

  • Orlando SEO Site


  • Thanks!Any questions?

    You can find me