Shiv nadar – a successful entrepreneur

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Shiv Nadar A Successful Entrepreneur

Shiv Nadar A Successful EntrepreneurVignesh.CII M.B.A1491054


SHIV NADAR IS THE FOUNDER-CHAIRMAN OF HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) and also in Shiv Nadar foundation.As of 2015, his personal wealth is estimated at $13.7 Billion.He is the only Indian to establish computer systems industry in India.In 2008 , he was honoured with Padambhushan for his efforts in IT industry.


In 2009, he was counted amongstForbes 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia Pacific.In 2010,he receivedDataquest Lifetime Achievement Award.since mid-1990s has focused his efforts in developing the educational system of India through the Shiv Nadar Foundation

Early Life

Shiv Nadar was born in 1945 in Moolaipozhi village, near toTiruchendurinThoothukudi district,Tamil Nadu.His parents were Sivasubramaniyam and Vamasundari Devi.Shiv's mother, Vamasundari Devi, is the sister of S. P. Adithanar, founder ofDina Thanthinewspaper.

Early Education

Pre Graduation Education from Madurai American College

Got Degree in Electricals and Electronics Engineering from P.S.G College of Technology, Coimbatore


Nadar began his career atWalchand group's Cooper Engineering inPunein 1967.He soon gave it up to begin his own venture, in partnerships with several friends and colleagues.These partners wereAjai Chowdhry(Ex-Chairman,HCL Infosystems)Arjun Malhotra,Subhash Arora,Yogesh Vaidya, S. Raman, Mahendra Pratap and DS Puri

HCL in First Decade

The initial enterprise which Nadar and his partners began was Micro comp, a company which focused on selling tele digital calculators in the Indian market.HCL was founded later, in 1976, with an investment of Rs.187,000.The company enjoyed unexpected gains when companies like IBM left the country because of the policies incorporated by the then Industrial Minister George Fernandes, providing Shiv Nadar with a wide market space for his microcomputer in India.

In 1980, HCL ventured into the international market with the opening ofFar East Computersin Singapore to sell IT hardware. The venture reported Rs.1million revenue in the first year and continued to address the Singapore operations.Shiv Nadar remained the largest shareholder without retaining any management control.

HCL in Second DecadeAfter expansion of business, Mr. Nadar decided to increase demand for IT education and Computer Training. In 1981 he setup NIIT to impart high quality education. In 1984, government opened computer market and permitted import of technology.After expansion of business, Mr. Nadar decided to increase demand for IT education and Computer Training. In 1981 he setup NIIT to impart high quality education. In 1984, government opened computer market and permitted import of technology.

In 1991 HCL entered partnership with HP(Hewlett-Packard)to form HCL HP Ltd. Looking beyond PCs, HCL tied up with Nokia for distributing cell phones and with Ericsson for distributing switches.In 1996 HCL became an enterprise which comprises two companies listed in India, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems.

HCL in Third DecadeHCL technologies were made public by Shiv in 1999, at the time of Initial Public Offering, HCL was the second largest IT company .With emergence of theInternetin 2000, HCL was left behind by its competitors because of their first crack in the Enterprise application services.He made an effort to tie up together HCL with acquisitions in 2001 and acquired Deutsche Software Limited and Apollo Contact center.

By 2004, the number of entities in HCL was consolidated from five to two - HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems.In 2007, Vineet Nayar was titled as the CEO of HCL Technologies and Nadar continues to be the Chairman of HCL Technologies and also its largest shareholder

HCL Infosystem's Leadership Initiatives

They gave the country's first DeskTop PC in 1976- BusyBee in 1985. Indias first branded home PC Beanstalk was launched in 1995 by HCL HCL also gave Indias first Pentium 4 based PC at a sub 40k price mark They also boast of providing Indias first Media Center PC

Strengths of HCL Infosystems Ltd

They understand the business of the customer and provide the apt technology to them They have a long committed relationship with their customers Customers get their value for money They are the leaders in technology

Focus on Education

In 1996, Nadar foundedSSN College of EngineeringinChennai, Tamil Nadu in the name of his father. Shiv Nadar takes active role in the college activities including gifting of Rs. 1 million worth of HCL shares to the college.He joined the Executive Board ofIndian School of Businessin 2005.

In 2006, he announced that the college will promote research apart from ensuring that students benefit from foreign university tie-ups.In March 2008, his SSN Trust announced setting up of two Vidyagyan schools in UP for rural students where free scholarship will be provided for 200 students from 50 districts ofUttar Pradesh.

He visited Town Higher Secondary School on 8 February 2011 and generously donated computers and other equipment worth Rs. 80 lakhs. He is currently the chairman of IIT Kharagpur, the elite technical institute of India.

Shiv Nadar as successful Entrepreneur

Mr.Shiv Nadar & his team have proven the technological expertise, the ability to scale up operations or the confident to manage big and critical assignment without a hitch. HCL today is a conglomerate worth $4.1 billion. Staff strength of 47,000 in 17 countries. More than 500 global clients.


Shiv foundation is the philanthropic arm of HCL promoter Shiv Nadar.Shiv Foundation run schools in Uttar Pradesh for underprivileged students.And also runs Shiv Nadar university in greater NoidaFoundation invested 400 crores in 2 boarding schools in Uttar Pradesh .


At the time when there were just 250 computers in all in India, at that time Shiv Nadar led a team that was passionate about boasting the growth of the IT Industry.In 1996 Nadar founded SSN college of Engineering in Chennai.

He enthusiastically participates in the events and activities of the college. In March 2008, his SSN Trust declared the establishment of the seven Vidyagyan Schools in UP for rural students where free scholarships will be provided for hundred students from ten districts of UP. In 2005, he became a member of the Executive Board of Indian School of Business.Shiv Nadar is a member of the governing board of the Public Health Foundation of India.

Awards won by Shiv Nadar

In 1995 he became the Dataquest IT Man of the year.In 2005 he was bestowed with CNBC Business Excellence Award. In 2006 received an Honorary Fellowship of All India Management Association-AIMA.

In 2008 honored by Government Of India with Padambhushan. In 2009 he was counted amongest Forbes 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia Pacific.In 2010 received Dataquest Lifetime Achievement Award.

Speech atGIM 2015