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Hussain Husaini presented "Set up your Corporate Blog" at the #SMMF2012 #Bahrain

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2. STOPANDTHINK 3. DONTWASTEYOURTIME 4. DOES YOURCOMPANYNEED ABLOG? 5. OFCOURSE1.To create new content.2.To share company updates.3.To share industry insights.4.To share opinions and expertise.5.To be more social.6.To generate new leads.7.To connect with your customers. 6. USINGWORDPRESSFOR YOURBLOG 7. ABOUTWORDPRESS1. Started as a blogging platform.2. Grew to a fully pledged CMS (Content Management System).3. Used by bloggers, governments, business and e-commerce sites.4. Most widely used open source platform. 8. WORDPRESSPOWERS17% OF ALLWEBSITESON THE NET Source: 9. WORDPRESSPOWERS54% OF ALLWEBSITESWITH A CMS Source: 10. WHY?1. Easy to use.2. Developing at a rapid pace.3. Becomes more flexible for developers with every release.4. Thousands of free plugins and extensions.5. Designers love it, Developers love it, site admins love it. 11. HOSTINGSOLUTIONSSHARED SERVER VSVPS VS DEDICATED 12. SHAREDSERVERS1. Highly Cost Effective. Typically starts at 5 usd per month.2. No maintenance cost.3. Typically, they claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and space be cautious.4. Can be a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to performance depending on the server assigned to you.5. Hundreds of sites hosted on a single server.6. Word press Recommends Blue Host, Dream Host and laughing squid. 13. VPSSERVERS1. Costs a bit more, typically starting at 20 usd per month, but on average cost 40 usd per month.2. Comes with managed and un-managed packages, be wary.3. Less websites on each server.4. Better performance and reliability.5. Each site is in a separate partition, so the scripts and performance of your neighbors dont effect your site. 14. DEDICATEDSERVERS1. Expensive Solution. Typically Costs around 200 usd per month.2. Comes with managed and un-managed packages, be wary.3. A full server is dedicated to your website solely.4. Super performance and reliability.5. Only needed for high traffic websites that will use lots of resources. 15. IF YOU ALREADYHAVE A WEBSITEYOU SHOULD BEABLE TO USEYOUR CURRENTHOST FOR YOURBLOG 16. IF YOU ARELOOKING FOR AHOST, LOOK FORTHE ONE CLICKINSTALL 17. LETS GETSTARTED 18. WORDPRESS.COM VSWORDPRESS.ORG 19. SELECT CREATE BLOG 20. CLICK ACTIVATION LINK IN YOUREMAIL AND YOU SHOULD GET HERE: 21. SET UP BASIC DETAILS OF YOURBLOG 22. SELECT A THEME FOR YOUR BLOG 23. YOU CAN OPTIONALLY CUSTOMIZE ITNOW OR DO IT 24. CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS 25. CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS 26. LETS CREATE OUR FIRST POST ANDFINISH THE INITIAL SET UP 27. LETS CLICK ON OUR BLOG NAME INTHE MY BLOG SECTION 28. NOW WE SHOULD SEE OUR BASICBLOG 29. NOW LETS CLICK ON DASHBOARD 30. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME 31. LETS EXPLORE THE SETTINGS 32. FRONT PAGE DISPLAY SETTINGS 33. LETS START WITH PAGES 34. CREATING OUR FIRST PAGEClick To Add Images 35. ADDING IMAGES 36. GIVE DETAIL THEN INSERT IMAGE 37. CREATING LINKS IN CONTENT Select your text or image and then Click on link icon 38. CREATING LINKS IN CONTENT 39. LETS SET UP OUR BLOG 40. LETS SET UP ALL OUR CATEGORIES 41. CATEGORIES CAN HAVE CHILDREN 42. OUR FIRST BLOG POSTAssign a Category ormultiple categories Create Tags 43. PUBLISH NOW OR LATERSave as a draft for laterSet a future date to be publishedPublish 44. LETS CREATE OUR WEBSITE MENU 45. LETS ASSIGN OUR NEW MENU 46. LETS ADD OUR MENU LINKS 47. LETS EXPLORE WIDGETS 48. LETS EXPLORE PLUGINS 49. POWER OF PLUGINS 50. THANKYOU