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  • There was a time when SEO was only about strategies, tactics and tricks but now times have changed.

    SEO is now more about content and that, too a lot of content. The content marketers are now using

    SEO-driven tactics to generate more traffic to their websites. They are trying to use the content in such

    a manner that they are driven to the first page of the results. When you are Outsourcing

    Content Marketing to third parties, ensure that you are choosing a partner who has adapted to this

    change in the SEO strategy.

    Companies when formulating their SEO Content Marketing Strategy should understand that the search

    engines have started rewarding content that are in a longer form and are visually focused. For this

    reason, they need to formulate the strategies accordingly.

    Here are some of these strategies that can be used by content marketers:

    Keywords: Keywords had always been at the center of SEO and now this extends to the

    as well. Earlier the marketers had to use keywords that matched exactly with the

    ones entered by the users. But not anymore as the pages now discuss the general topic around that


    Monitor: It is very essential to monitor your keywords and their standing. For this content marketers

    would have to use tools that not only tell them about the usage of the keywords but also the position

    of the website based on these keywords.

    Concentrate on each keyword: it is important to set a goal to use each keyword phrase. Marketers can

    add blogs using these keywords.

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    The ultimate outcome of the content administered directs your targeted audience at your gates.