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Security doors direct

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Security doors direct for fire doors, steel doors and entry doors at trade prices direct to customers.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]



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[email protected]

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Security Doors DirectSecurity Doors DirectCheap imported doors are flooding the market. Our policy is only to sell UK manufactured doors to enable us to offer a speedy service backed up by a high level of technical support they also offer extremely good value for money and designed to offer a high level of security.

Fire Exit, Personnel Entry Doors, Communal Doors and Ventilated Doors, we also supply High Security LPS 1175 Security Rated as well as certified 4 Hour Fire Rated Doors. For customers convenience we offer the facility to get an online quotation at anytime. No need to wait for somebody to get back to you with the cost and of course is available outside of office hours.

For customer who prefer not to order online we are more than happy to produce a detailed quotation, either talk to one of our surveyors or email or fax us your requirements with the opening sizes, most quotations can be sent back within a few hours.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Our ProductsOur ProductsSports Hall Doors

High Security Doors

LPS 1175 Level 1 Doors

Plant Room Doors

Fire Rated Exit Doors

Multilocking Doors

Glazed Doors

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Range of Sports Hall DoorsRange of Sports Hall DoorsIt is common to note that different venues have different types of doors for various functions. Schools with a gymnasium and sports centers usually have special sports hall doors which are designed to cater to the active environment. Features

Recreation facilities venues cater to ball games or sports activities in the designated space; hence, there is a need for special sports hall doors that would be designed with special rebound boards for a smooth flushing of the doors with its surrounding walls. Sports hall doors can come in single or double doors with standard security features that include stainless steel hinges and dog bolts. External doors with an outward opening feature can be fitted with a jimmy strip to prevent forced break-ins.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Variety of High Security DoorsVariety of High Security DoorsAlmost all environments require high security to prevent break-ins and thefts. It is not surprising to have high security doors of all kinds and sizes being installed. Doors that provide high security can be single leaf or double leaf doors. High security double skinned leaf door can be 45mm thick using a double pan construction. It may come folded and bolted using an anti jemmy strip made of corrosion resistant steel.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Quality LPS 1175 Level 1 DoorsQuality LPS 1175 Level 1 DoorsDoors come in a variety of shapes and sizes in different qualities. The LPS 1175 doors come in different levels of security. These are hardy aluminum security doors with a special and unique Adams Rite Sentinel 6 lock. Hence, they are compatible to any LPS1175 standard that insists on high level security based on the steel quality used.

At this level the doors are designed to withstand deliberate forced entry using a wide range of attack options with tools including cold chisels, an axe, gas torch and crow bar as well as power tools for 20 minutes.

We can supply doors manufactured to this standard, available as both single and double doors outward opening only, maximum opening size of a single door is 1180mm wide x 2430mm high.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Right Choice of Plant Room DoorsRight Choice of Plant Room Doors

All industries in the market require plant rooms to manufacture and process their range of products. Plant rooms are important spaces for any industry to ensure a high quality finish on the products before putting out on the market.


Plant rooms that are to be effective in the industry must be well structured with the right components which include appropriate doors. Plant room doors must fit the space for the purpose it is prepared for.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Certified Fire Rated Exit DoorsCertified Fire Rated Exit Doors

A fire rated door will dramatically reduce the risk of a fire spreading throughout a building than that of a traditional timber door. Certificates are available on request if needed. It's important to ensure that your fire rated door is fully certified to protect against fire.

Our range has been independently tested to a fire rating of up to 240mins which can now include glazing without reducing the doors fire resistance. Available with various door furniture options including a 16 point multi locking system, three point and four point panic hardware or access control options.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Multilocking DoorsMultilocking Doors

As standard the door leafs are manufactured out of 1.2mm thick zintec coated steel, however can be made to 1.5mm or 2.00mm thick at extra cost. The multi lock system secures the door at 14 separate points including shoot through flush bolts on the top & bottom.

A huge range of over 30 of our standard colours are available to choose from with the doors.The frame is made from 1.5mm thick zintec coated steel, available with grub screw adjusters to aid easy fitting, draught seals are supplied for onsite fitting. A minimum of 4 BS EN 1935 20002 grade 13 stainless steel hinges are fitted a minimum.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Standard Glazed DoorsStandard Glazed Doors

Aluminium doors are a lightweight alternative to that of steel doors which we have recently introduced to our product portfolio. Aluminium is increasingly popular with private developers due to its relative lightweight but secure design. Architects tend to use the doors as they comply with DD171: 1987 and allow for more flexibility in design.

Our Aluminium doors can also be integrated with anti vandal mesh as in our anti vandal security guards. This is particularly useful in situations where the risk of vandalism is high.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Implementation of Louvre DoorsImplementation of Louvre DoorsThere are many types of doors which consumers can choose to fit their homes, offices, commercial outlets and even industrial environments. Different environments and properties would want different types of doors but one of the more popular doors in the market is Louvre doors.


Louvre doors can come in a myriad of designs and sizes. Louver punched doors are common in many applications with a plethora of door components ranging from sash locks to multi locks.

These may come with lever handles push bars for the desired easy opening in case of emergency escapes. Louvre doors can be very cost effective with a ventilated door design based on a standard specification.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

Usage of Cold Room DoorsUsage of Cold Room Doors

Many industries today have cold rooms. These rooms are special spaces in the plant or factory premises to facilitate the production or manufacture of goods and products that require a very low temperature to keep the end products or by-products in excellent condition before moving out to the market.

Cold rooms

Cold rooms are normally known as freezer rooms in the industries. These rooms are required to maintain the right temperature for production components, end products and half finished products for later usage. A low temperature is required to maintain the optimum functionality and freshness of the production materials.

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Website:- http://www.securitydoorsdirect.co.uk Email Id:- [email protected]

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