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Social media represents a new platform for strategically driven online fund-raising. This workshop (presented at the 2010 ASAE Great Ideas Conference) focuses on three case studies and provides 25 tips and techniques used for social media based fund-raising.

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  • 1.Connecting Great Ideas and Great People www.asaecenter.org Steve Drake President Drake & Company Moving from Dialing for Dollars to Tweetups & Twestivals: How Social Media can Engage New Donors Tuesday, March 9, 201012:30 - 1:45 p.m .

2. How Social Media can Engage New Donors

  • Social media represents a new platform for
  • strategically driven online fund-raising
  • Focus on case studies of three
  • organizations that combined (Twitter)
  • strategies with off-line events to raise funds
  • I am a facilitator NOT an expert!
    • Organized one; participated in another; studied a third

3. Todays Agenda

  • Outline case studies
  • Review lessons learned
  • Summarize 25 tips
  • Crowdsourcing to create Top 10 tips
  • Mobile & other funding platforms (if time)

4. Twestival TM

  • Branded global Twitter-generated festivals
  • 2009 202 cities raised $250,000 for clean water through Charity: Water
  • 2009 130 cities raised $450,000 for 135 charities via Twestival TMLocal
  • 2010 3/25 global events with funds going to Concern Worldwides education projects

5. Tweetsgiving

  • Created by Epic Change
  • Supports Momma Lucys school in Africa
  • Focus on Twitter gratitude and funding
  • Started with gratitude sharing
  • Expanded with off-line events
  • Raised about $50,000 in two years


  • Christmas SPIRIT Foundation
  • Veterans Day 2009
  • Honor Vets & support Trees for Troops
  • Twitter and off-line events
  • Raised $2,500 in experimental phase

7. Lessons Learned

  • Start early
  • Tell the story in words, videos, photos
  • Be transparent
  • Hosts need to be recruited
  • Monitor/protect your brand

8. Transparency Use a leader board to show funds &/or votes 9. Tweetsgiving 10. Local TweetUp 11. What You Would Do Differently

  • Start earlier
  • Dont focus totally on fund-raising
  • Easy and heartfelt works best
  • Align volunteers with values
  • Coordinating off-line events takes time
  • Use existing Twitter handle
  • Set yourself apart: lots of competition

12. Tips, Tactics, Techniques

  • Started with comments/suggestions from the three organizations
  • Crowdsourced (#s correspond to survey)
  • 25 ideas divided into three categories:
    • Planning the Campaign
    • Growing the Campaign
    • Using Twitter in your Campaign

13. Tips: Planning the Campaign

  • A-1 Start early
  • A-2 Keep it simple
  • A-3 Make it easy
  • A-4 Avoid curse of knowledge
  • A-5 Select right platform

14. Tips: Growing the Campaign

  • B-1 Engage existing network
  • B-2 Build strong database
  • B-3 Pursue beyond online
  • B-4 Illustrate where $ go
  • B-5 Be transparent

15. Tips: Growing the Campaign

  • B-6 Make Web strong/easy to navigate
  • B-7 Use multiple media to tell story
  • B-8 Seek volunteers aligned with cause
  • B-9 Manage volunteers
  • B-10 Provide link to donate
  • B-11 Network, network, network

16. Tips: Using Twitter for Your Campaign

  • C-1 Do NOT ask for $ first
  • C-2 Team with others
  • C-3 Communicate personally
  • C-4 Search for shared interest
  • C-5 Ask core to retweet

17. Tips: Using Twitter for Your Campaign

  • C-6 Select hashtag (#)
  • C-7 Consider Twibbon
  • C-8 Remember to thank
  • C-9 Tweet status regularly

18. Exercise

  • Are there other tips that should be included in these 25?
  • In small groups, select the top 10 ideas that encourage success.


  • Can you find your donate button in 1-2 seconds?
  • Is your donation button above the fold, big and colorful?
  • Is it clear where the money goes? To directly which activities or people?
  • Do you have links to events and other opportunities for engagement?

Network for Good Checklist Web site 20.

  • One clear call to action on your donate form (Donate! Or, become a member!)
  • Copy is in a font size that is easy for people over 50 to read
  • One-page donation forms
  • Automatic e-mail tax receipts once the gift is made

Network for Good Checklist Forms 21.

  • Can people sign up on any page on your Web site?
  • Is Forward to a Friend in every e-mail message?
  • Does your organizations social networking presence encourage friends and followers to visit your home page and/or sign-up form?

Network for Good Checklist Lists 22.

  • Does your subject line entice readers to open?
  • Are you e-mailing at right time, right days?
  • Does the message come through, even if the images dont?
  • Does this e-mail have a personal touch?
  • Are you being CAN-SPAM compliant?

Network for Good Checklist E-Mail 23.

  • Do you send receipts and a personalized thank you immediately upon receiving a donation?
  • Do you thank donors again later in the year?
  • Do you give the donors the credit for the impact and share how funds were used?

Network for Good Checklist Thanking 24. Conclusion

  • Questions?
  • Comments regarding mobile giving.
  • Thanks for participating!

25. Contact Information Steve Drake, MA President Drake & Company [email_address] Twitter:@causeaholic and @stevedrake 636/449-5050