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  • 1. Samantha LungerCurrently a full-time student at the Universityof Kentucky studying Cultural Anthropology,I am working towards earning my BA, with aminor in International Studies. I currentlywork full time at as a contractschools customer service representative.Previously I have held many part-time to full-time jobs in various fields (VeterinarySciences, Sales, Party Hosting/ChildrensEntertainment, Customer Service, BiologyLaboratory Maintenance, Food, IndependentDog sitting Service, Clothing, LibrarySciences), therefore I am well trained in avariety of areas. My goals are to finish mycurrent research that I have been working onfor nearly half a year, and after obtaining myBA, work towards beginning Graduate schooland furthering my research. Alternately, amajor goal of mine would be to open my ownstore (part cafe/part cultural art gallery andshop) on a college campus to cater touniversity-based individuals and spreadknowledge of symbolism and cultural studiesby pairing it with good food.
  • 3. Lexington, Kentucky
  • 4. I currently attend
  • 5. University of Kentucky
  • 6. To learn how
  • 7. Liveworkplaysurvive.
  • 8. School Accomplishments
  • 9. I have valued strengths
  • 10. IdeationWoo Adaptability Strengths Strategic Includer
  • 11. My career interests include
  • 12. My professional goals are
  • 13. I have a life goal
  • 14. Please contact me withengaging opportunities.Samantha Lunger222 Castle DriveGeorgetown, KY