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  • 1. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our company and co operation presentation.After many years of hard work and commitment to quality and fashion, I am honored to welcome you toour ROUGE concept.We take pride in achieving our company goals, standing next to our franchisees - our partners and ourcustomers. We promise to keep on doing what made us stand out of the crowd and helped us achievingone of the leading positions in womens fashion. We promise to keep on supporting you as our invaluablenew partner and guide you whenever needed.In short, the course we have followed to this day is a result of the personal investment made by us and allour associates. It is to these people that I promise substantial, focused effort for even further success thatwill make us all proud.We designed a unique franchise package especially for you, opening up the ROUGE world for our futurefranchisees looking forward and welcoming you as a future partner.Spyridon MichopoulosPresidentFounders Quote
  • 2. Country of Origin: GreeceDate establishes : 1987Franchising since: 2004Company-owned Stores: 5Franchised Stores: 6Expansion Plans: WorldwideAverage Store Size: ranges between 60 - 80 sqmAverage Investment per Store: 80.000Type of Contractual Agreement: Exclusive Area Development Opportunity.(Exclusive Master, Franchise Agreement (Single Unit),Distributorship/WholesaleLicense Fees: Varies according to the Type of Contractual ArrangementDuration of the Agreement: 9-12 yearsMinimum Advertising Expenses: 2.5%Facts & Figures
  • 3. Rouge founded in 1987, soon established an active presence in theproduction and trade of womens clothing. It currently holds a leadingposition in the field of womens fashion, with 11 branded stores inGreece and more than 100 multi brand stores where the brand isavailable. Today the company is looking to expand the franchise conceptto new markets.Discovering the couture in everyday and always in head of new trendsROUGE has gained an important share of the market. Originally knownfor its blouses with a casual but luxury look which women loves due to acomfortable but well-dressed appearance they also offer an assortmentof fashion apparel for women aged 25-45.Today our activities include the design, manufacture, wholesale as wellas retail sales of ladies clothes, under the brand label of ROUGE. Ourproduction team consists of more than 60 people, who constantly workon keeping us in the top of our customers minds and hearts.Our Company
  • 4. ROUGE design, produce and distribute modern, easy-to-wear,quality and competitive priced women clothes apparel.Our collections are created to satisfy all types of womenseeking something new - with prices attractive to anyone.This is the underlying spirit and idea of every ROUGEcollection, which knows no stereotypes, has no preconceivedideas, but is fashion that puts character before image.Each collection therefore tells its own story and has its owngenesis; it stands among the others by contrast rather thansimilarity.Who we are
  • 5. Fast capture trends so that we candevelop latest fashion for women.Offering our consumers a variety ofgarment choices and up to datefashion.Our Philosophy
  • 6. Priority in aesthetics Affordable prices Daily use of the products Fast fashion Needs of the contemporary woman Global fashion trendsMain Characteristics of the Brand
  • 7. Continuing our growing path dynamically in the fast fashionindustry, our company has created another point ofdifferentiation, investing constantly in research of new materialsand design trends, making consumers happy and proud for theirpurchase.Our Vision
  • 8. Our strategy involves further national and internationaldevelopment of the ROUGE brand. The company expandsselectively its activities and its distribution channels gainingsignificant purchasing power.Internationally, we aim at developing an international network ofROUGE stores all around the world.All strategic steps are implemented with a view to maximize thebrand value and increasing sales in combination with on-goingresearch for new productsOur Strategy
  • 9. We are always looking for the best quality in fabrics and accessoriescooperating with the best international suppliers.We make our decisions based on business ethics.We take initiatives while respecting the environment.We make sure to provide all clients with excellent service. They are themost important link to the brand and constantly inspiring us.Our Values
  • 10. A dynamic fast fashion concept and a value brand, which can expand allover the world.ROUGE is targeting fashion orientated women with attractive garments andaccessories at unbeatable prices.All this in an appealing, modern and bright environment, which makesshopping a fun and relaxed experience.The design as well as the distribution of the garments is done directly by us,without delays, supplying our stores with the newest and most fashionableitems.Our Concept
  • 11. The ethical foundation of ROUGE is based on corporate socialresponsibility. As a responsible business we have adopted our role inthe communities in which we operate.We are working towards sustainable responsibility, operate andencourage corporate recycling programs, research on using moresustainable raw materials and try to be a fair partner to everyoneconnected with our network.Finally, we have adopted a common code of conduct for all of theROUGE stores.Our cooperation with ActionAid is yet another example of thenumerous contributions of Rouge to the community. We also helpthose who are less fortunate in the community by cooperating withthe church, local schools and by contributing to charity programs andbazaars aimed at supporting charitable organizations.Social Responsibility
  • 12. The main facilities are located in Athens-Greece, with a total surface of600 sqm. for offices and showrooms while the factory is 1500 sq. m.The premises house the following departments: Design Creation of technical standards (patterns) and sewingof samples Supplies Cutting, tailoring and ironing Quality control Logistics and central distribution warehouse Commercial Direction (marketing, PR, sales) Finance and Accounts General ManagementInfrastructure
  • 13. The undoubted quality of the end product in conjunctionwith the design and the flexibility in production are somefundamental elements of the brands excellence. Having itsown production facilities allows the company to control theproduction from design until ready product which assurefast deliveries and assure the quality control.We strongly believe that having invested in qualified andexperienced collaborators which control the wholeproduction process in detail ensure the perfect result of theend product.Quality Control
  • 14. Our Collection
  • 15. The brand ROUGE is based on price, quality and moderndesign. It consists of womens clothes and proposes designsthat follow the global trends in affordable prices. The elementsthat highly characterise the brand ROUGE are femininity anddesign, creating an atmosphere that balances the quality withprice.The Brand
  • 16. The collection represents feminine and chic clothing thatrepresent the women who wear it. Known for its collectionand quality materials ROUGE captures the style of fashion.The brand creates clothes that distinguish you from thecrowd.The Collection
  • 17. Everyday look
  • 18. Working girl