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ROEL Group of Companies

Corporate PresentationMoscow, 2016


ROEL Group of Companies


Company Profile:Business Development & Asset ManagementPrivate Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Asset ManagementCorporate and Financial RestructurizationM&ABusiness and State Consulting

ROEL Group of Companies is the first Russian private company operating in Corporate and Financial Restructurization, Asset Management, M&A, Business Consulting and Direct Investment since 1996. ROEL serve as a platform for realization of different projects and cooperate businessmen on the open partnership basis . The company sets up new businesses in the sphere of innovations and new technologies, professional services and intellectual products (consulting, expertise, engineering, etc.); restructures enterprises; establishes new up-to-date corporate structures on the basis of old enterprises


Business Scale. Geography and Sectors

For more than 20 years ROEL has been successfully realizing projects all over Russia and in CIS countries in more than 10 economic sectors.Vladimir region Voronezh regionLipetsk region Leningrad region Kursk region Tula regionTomsk regionTyumen regionOmsk region Sverdlovsk region Ivanovo region Smolensk regionSaratov regionChita regionAmur regionMoscow regionMoscowNovosibirsk KrasnoyarskKrasnodar territoryAltai territoryChuvash RepublicRepublic of BashkortostanUkraineKazakhstanBelorussia

Development and Construction MachineryHousing and Utilities infrastructurePower IndustryGas and Chemical IndustryMineral ChemistryIndustrial Park ManagementFabric IndustryTransport Systems Agricultural IndustryInnovationsIndustrial Security Health Service



ROEL Project Management

ROEL Project Management has been working in the sphere of project management and business development since 2003. The company possesses substantial competence in setting up start-ups, asset management and financial restructurization, private equity and venture investment. ROEL Project Management currently have more than 80 projects.

Competence:4Setting up start-ups Establishing small innovation enterprises and high-tech companiesDistressed assets restructurization (including debts)M&A, setting up industry-specific companies and network structuresEstablishing companies in the sphere of intellectual products and professional services (consulting, expertise, design engineering,scientific research, etc.)


ROEL Consulting Group

ROEL Consulting provides its corporate clients with: regional and municipal development strategiesresult-oriented budgeting (ROB) a unique method developed by ROEL Consulting in cooperation with the Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ROEL Consulting provides governmental authorities with:

maximized business value of the company efficient engineering methods and company management system business strategy development, industry development program and their implementation investing and assistance in setting up international business in Russia5ROEL Consulting Group is a leading Russian company working in the field of strategic planning and integrated management consulting. The company provides its services to corporate clients, medium-sized enterprises and government bodies (regional governments and administrations of municipal entities).


Competence: Pervoe Dolgovoe Agentstvo(First Debt Agency)

Pervoe Dolgovoe Agentstvo (First Debt Agency) has been working at the Russian debt market since 2003. For 12 years PDA has realized more than 70 projects of different timescales and degree of complexity, the total volume of restructured debt has amounted to more than 35 billion rubles.

The current volume of the debt portfolio held by PDA is more than 20 billion rubles.6repayment of debts;debt management;bankruptcy monitoring;buyback of debts (rights of claim);settlement of debt obligations.


ROEL Project

RUSELPROM is the leading Russian machinery concern operating in the electrical engineering sector since 1991. The concern have 20 companies and organizations producing over 3,000 kinds of motor sets, generators, control systems, etc.


Biggest enterprises: Major clients:

Safonovo Electric Machine Plant (SEZ) Vladimir Electromotive Plant (VEMZ) Leningrad Electric Machine Plant (LEZ) Research Design and Technology Institute (NIPTIEM)Ruselprom-Elektromash ("RUSELPROMGazprom SeverstalNorilsk Nikel LUKOILROSENERGOATOM

RUSELPROM is included into the top 400 largest companies in Russia in terms of sales. It is the official partner of Skolkovo Innovation Center.7

According to RUSELPROM development strategy for 2020 the main aim of the group is to implement the innovation, engineering and production potential of the alliance with OEM manufacturers and partnersto improve the competitiveness of thecustomers, to maximize their satisfaction with high quality products and services and also to give them full support throughout the life cycle in the field of energy efficiency and reliability of industrial facilities electrical equipment and transportation systems.



ROEL ProjectPromtechexpertise is a federal independent expert company operating in the sphere of industrial safety and business development since 2008. It provides Russian enterprises with full service expertise and consultancy service. Promtechexpertise experts have more than 10 years of experience in the area. The company has 20 branches in highly-developed industrial regions of the Russian Federation, cooperates with central and regional research centers, institutions of higher education and international expert companies. It gives assistance to shareholders, industrial company managers and different financial institutions on expert review and design services such as:

8Fixed assets technical assessment (due diligence)Equipment Incoming checks Preparing design documentation for complete repairs and reconstruction of buildings and facilitiesTechnical supervision over construction, reconstruction, re-equipment and complete repairs of industrial, public and residential buildings and facilitiesNon-state expert review of capital construction and reconstruction projectsSurvey of risks associated with hazardous industrial facilities and expert review of insurance conditions while working at the hazardous industrial site

National Industrial Parks was set up by ROEL Group of Companies to implement its competence of establishing and managing industrial parks and experience in successful realization of dozens of industrial projects in different economic sectors.

The idea of the project is based upon successful starting up of industrial plants in Vladimir and Volgograd regions. Now National Industrial Parks is an active partner of RF industrial parks and cooperates with investment corporations, regional and federal authorities, development corporations and other market participants on the regular basisIndustrial Parks:

Vladimir Plant (Vladimir region)

Murom Plant (Murom region)

Gus-Khrustalny Plant (Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir region)

Volzhski Chemist Plant (Volzhski , Volgograd region)

Chemical and Metallurgical Plant (Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk region)

ROEL ProjectNational Industrial Parks

Currently the company has 6 industrial parks. It is planned to increase the number of parks up to 25 by the end of year 2018.9In the course of work the company uses international experience and its own analysis of industrial parks management (smart-development). The conditions of successful and effective business operations for foreign and Russian investors are set by the means of developing long-term investment.

Chemical and Metallurgical PlantROEL ProjectChemical and Metallurgical Plant is located in Krasnoyarsk region. It produces lithium products (lithium hydroxide and lithium metal) for export. There is also domestic limestone production in the enterprise. This limestone is the raw material for high-quality lime (hydrated lime and lumped lime).

Superpurity metal production (sodium , potassium, rubidium, caesium) is another activity of the enterprise. Sales of other products are realized at the domestic market.

Today there are projects on building units in the open spaces (social infrastructure: residential park, shopping center, office units, etc.).


ROEL Project

Ural Composite

Ural Composite has a range of innovative inventions in the field of diatomite-based cellular glass production and pelletized glass feed production. It is also ready with effective solutions on amorphous silica production issues (silicon dioxide, silica)..

Ural Composite was set up in 2011. Since 2013 it has been independently doing the extraction of raw materials, advanced processing and supplies to the final market.

Diatomite and gaize deposits are placed in Sverdlovsk region and are among the largest fields at the territory of the Russian Federation. The diatomite extracted in this area is the cleanest type by its physicochemical composition. Iron low content is its distinguishing feature, which means the high quality of feed.

This type of diatomite is used in the production of first-grade constructional materials and cellular glass ceramics. It is also used almost in all the industrial sectors as purified silicon dioxide.

The company has a developed regional network including the largest Russian cities.


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