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  • 1.ATTORNEYS AT LAW RIM in a Law Firm Environment HOW TO IMPLEMENT A SOLID RIM PROGRAM DESPITE THE ECONOMIC DOWNSWINGJanuary 12, 2010Jim Merrifield Records Manager, Finn Dixon & Herling LLP177 Broad StreetStamford, CT 06901-2048T:203-325-5000F:203-325-500159 Elm Street, 2nd Floor New Haven, CT 06510 T:203.848-6488 F:203-325-5001 1

2. FINN DIXON & HERLING ATTORNEYS AT LAW Main Office Stamford, Connecticut 42 Attorneys 12 Practice Areas M/A, Lending Hedge Fund, Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy, etc. 2 administrators in Records Department 2 3. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Where We Were Challenges Business Drivers AGENDA Program Today Lessons Learned Questions3 4. Where We WereATTORNEYS AT LAW Conflict Checking MS DOS Client/Matter Intake manual process Off-site Storage limited electronic features File Management MS DOS4 5. Where We WereATTORNEYS AT LAW IN THE STONE AGE!!! 6. ATTORNEYS AT LAW We Began To Dream Big..6 7. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Too Big7 8. Fantasy RIM Software ATTORNEYS AT LAW We wanted the best all-in-one Records Information Management Software in the industry. Automate Intake & Conflict process Manage Physical & Electronic files RFID Control E-mail Imaging capabilities We wanted to make all these changes and implement them Overnight!!8 9. FDH TIMELINE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Research 2006 - 2007 Conflicts 2/20082010Off-site Storage 5/2009 ELF 5/2008 Document ManagementFile Management 8/2009 Intake 10/2008 E-mail Archive Solution9 10. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Economy RIM not a priority Upper Management not CHALLENGESeducated in RIM Limited Resources no consultant/small staff Change This is the way its always been10 11. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Manual processes were verytime consuming Inconsistent data being entered Business into various databases = HighDrivers Risk MS DOS database going to crash Missing Files COST! COST! COST!11 12. Conflict Database ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rainmaker Platinum 8.0 Ability to make relationships between client/matters and/or parties. Robust Search Options phonic, fuzzy, synonym, stemming Search contacts, addresses, marketing, specially designated national Report features12 13. Conflict Database ATTORNEYS AT LAW13 14. Client/Matter IntakeATTORNEYS AT LAW Automated the process using Microsoft Outlook Records Department e-mails all intake docs. to the Intake Committee Intake chooses to either Accept or Reject using the voting buttons This new process has streamlined the intake process and reduced interruption in lawyers day to day activities = increased productivity 14 15. Client/Matter IntakeATTORNEYS AT LAW Intake Documents attached in email to committee Completed New Client/Matter Request Form Conflict Search Results (with completed conflict response list) Engagement Letter Aged WIP report, Aged A/R report Completed New Client/Matter Intake Committee ApprovalForm 16. Client/Matter Intake ATTORNEYS AT LAW 16 17. Client/Matter IntakeATTORNEYS AT LAW LESS TIME PERFORMING ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS + INCREASE BILLABLE HOURS _______________________ = HAPPYLAWYERS!!! 17 18. Off-site Storage ATTORNEYS AT LAW Dupont Business Archives Southington Lawyers need information at their finger tips Scan-on-demand converts hard-copy records into a digital image and sends to FDH via e-mail as an PDF. Shredding End Result received documents faster and at a lower cost18 19. File Management ATTORNEYS AT LAW FileTrail manage all our hard- copy records. Records 50% more productive by automating our file creation process Automating the check-in/check- out process using barcode technology fewer missing files. 19 20. File ManagementATTORNEYS AT LAW Ability to apply our retention schedule to all records to insure timely destruction Audit Trails Integrates with our off-site storage vendor20 21. File Management ATTORNEYS AT LAW21 22. ELFATTORNEYS AT LAW What is ELF ? ELF is an records management initiative of ARMA International to promote the use of letter sized paper in order to minimize costs associated with creating and filing the larger documents. 23. ELFATTORNEYS AT LAW What are some Benefits of ELF?Reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase file supplies & equipment to accommodate multiple paper sizes.Reduce inefficiencies associated with files containing multi-size documents (e.g. it is often difficult to find letter-sized records inter-filed with legal-size records). 24. ELF ATTORNEYS AT LAW Reduced accommodation costs by reducing the amountof floor space required to store records on-site & off-site. Reduce paper consumption Reduce mailing costs (letter-size paper is 21% smallerand 24% lighter than legal-size paper) 25. Program Today ATTORNEYS AT LAW Client/Matter Intake Microsoft Outlook Conflict Checking Rainmaker 8.0 File Management FileTrail Off-site Storage Dupont Business Archives ELF eliminate Legal Files25 26. ResultsATTORNEYS AT LAW Lawyers & Upper Management are educated on importance of RIM Out of the STONE-AGE Controlled Databases Records is more efficient & productive doing more with less (2 administrators) Saved $ (consultant fees, staff, etc.)26 27. FDH TIMELINE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Research 2006 - 2007 Conflicts 2/20082010Off-site Storage 5/2009 ELF 5/2008 Document ManagementFile Management 8/2009 Intake 10/2008 E-mail Archive Solution27 28. Lessons Learned ATTORNEYS AT LAW Communicate with IT talk their language ifyou do they will be your best resource Changes do not happen over night bepatient Educate, Educate, Educate Take advantage of resources provided byARMA, AIIM, ILTA, ALA, etc. 28 29. ATTORNEYS AT LAW29 30. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Jim Merrifield THANK YOU!Finn Dixon & Herling LLP(203) 325-5000 JMerrifield@fdh.com177 Broad Street Stamford, CT 06901-2048 T:203-325-5000 F:203-325-5001 59 Elm Street, 2nd FloorNew Haven, CT 06510T:203.848-6488F:203-325-5001 30

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