Revitalize your Digital Storefront

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  • 1.Revitalize Your Digital StorefrontB y : D a v e M a r t i n

2. Imagine what the outside of this store looks like 3. Like this?? Probably not 4. Thats more like it! But so many businesses look great in person, but theirdigital storefront resembles that old violin shop! 5. Why is this Important?83% of US consumers go online to research products before they buy* 73% go online in search for information**PricewaterhouseCoopers Report, 2012 6. You Never Get a Second Chance-To make a first Impression... 7. So what exactly is a digital storefront? 8. It can tell your storyWhy do your customers choose you, not your competition? Because youoffer something they dont! This is your digital story, unique to you. 9. Yosemite Falls CafeThe layout of their website reflects their brand, their iconic wood exterior,the connection to Yosemite. Custom graphics highlight seasonal offerings. 10. Margies DinerA 1950s diner feel with fresh food is unique to their area. The websitedesign reflects a modern take on 50s nostalgia. Great customer reviews. 11. What is the most effective form of advertising?Toms Shoes story shows how important word of mouth will always be. 12. Traditional AdvertisingTraditional advertising has always struggled with word of mouth. 13. Social Media The world is one BIG small town, where were all separated by only 3.7 people!Social networks allow people to follow who and whatever they want,regardless of geographic boundaries. Big opportunity for brands! 14. But FB Hasnt Worked for My Biz!Treat FB as a billboardFBPost less than once a dayNo NosFail to engage customersWithout a strategy, youre just keeping up with the Jones. 15. After taking over YFCs Fb page, Likes grew from 200 to over 2,300 andto date, over 14,000 check ins have occurred. 16. Cross- PromotionalOpportunitiesBy placing these Rack Cards at each table, YFC patrons are encouraged tosign up for email deals and to Like them on Fb. 17. Email Marketing$40 ROI for every $1 spent* Inexpensive & Efficient Be an Expert * is the most effective form of digital advertising. No spam allowed!Create great content your fans will want to read. Earn their attention! 18. Email templates resemble their respective websites. They highlight specificproducts, events, or contests designed to keep their clients in the know. 19. Any Questions? Contact us! @davebillmarty