Retail Banking and Social Media - Customer Experience Management Services

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Customer experience management services presentation by Donald Morrison at 9th annual pan-european retail banking conference on May 22 in London.

Text of Retail Banking and Social Media - Customer Experience Management Services

1. BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETSCustomer ExperienceManagement ServicesStay Ahead of Your Customers Need9th Annual Pan-European Retail Banking Conference24 May 2012 2. Commoditization has stripped away existing sources of differentiation. Customers have more power than ever. Traditional industry boundaries are fading Customer experience is the next competitive battleground24 May 2012 | 2 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 3. The way customers consume informationand communicate has changed Vertical Before communication Current Multi-lateral communication24 May 2012 | 3 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 4. Many banks are invested in customers,few are engaged... Laggards Market Leaders Percentage of Organizations across Maturity Levels 2011 Customer Experience 2009 Management Top Bank in the US hired 12 resources just to mine twitter Invested Committed Engaged Embedded Interested Invested or Engaged?24 May 2012 | 4 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 5. Its a Journey, Not a Project !!!24 May 2012 | 5 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 6. Technology spaghetti There are 250 + Well known Social Sites 800+ Social Listening Technology Products 100+ Analytics Tools 200+ Digital Marketing tools 80 + Technology Products focused on customer experience and many more ITS COMPLEX & POSES HIGH RISK OF FAILURE24 May 2012 | 6 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 7. Its a complex ecosystem, with manyopportunities Reduce cost of servicing using our 10 Fold profitable integrated product response recommendations management offering 360 Degree Customer Increase leads up Insight to 3 Improve Bring innovation times/customer Net in products and Promoter services by social Score 50+ idea management Enhance Reduce support customer lifetime cost by building a value comprehensive Multichannel knowledge Business repository Enablement Reduce call Finer targeting volumes by through Digital Co-create 30% by using Marketing customer our self service offering experience by solutions building a social business24 May 2012 | 7 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 8. The mantra of co-creation RESPOND Execute tactical & strategic projects ANALYZE Perform analysis & make decisions LISTEN Monitor & build intelligence PLAN What do you want to achieve?24 May 2012 | 8 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 9. MphasiS UK France Belgium Ireland Netherlands Germany Canada Switzerland Poland India USA China JapanRevenue FY 2011 Sri Lanka $1,116 million Singapore38,000+ Professionals545 Clients AustraliaDeliver Applications, BPO Noidaand IT Infrastructure (Delhi)Management Services New Zealand Ahmadabad Vadodara Indore Raipur Mumbai Pune Mangalore Bangalore Chennai Pondicherry India Center (BPO) Delivery Footprint Global Service Center (ITO & APPS) Client Footprint Training Academy24 May 2012 | 9 BANKING & CAPITAL MARKETS 10. Thank You Don Morrison