Reputation Management: Monitoring Your Brand Online

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Enterprise-level online reputation monitoring. Strategies and tools to help manage your ORM efforts.

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  • 1.Reputation Management:Monitoring Your Brand Online PubCon Vegas 2012 @rhea | @outspokenmedia

2. sOR M i eawesom L! FUa nd AW 3. Zomg, everyone hates us!Can you fix our SERPs?! 4. I can clean up your SERPs,thats the easy part.But, YOU have to change. 5. Change is hard. 6. Enterprise-level change feels like: 7. CODEFREEZE!Legalmade a fewchanges We can only changetitle tags.Lets wait &see whathappens. 8. How do we herd ourenterprise-level cats? 9. SHARE THE DATA 10. DATA IS SEXY! (and gets buy-in)143 negative mentions over 6 months from 8 sources.SERPs look like: _______Autocomplete looks like: _______ 11. SEGMENT MENTIONS+ 12. PINPOINT THE PROBLEM 13. According to our research: Note: we actually love this client. They were honest andlistened. They knew there wasnt a silver bullet. 14. SHOW OFF THECOMPETITION 15. Rinse and repeat. 16. PRESENT CONTENT OPPORTUNITIES Based on our research, yourcompetition is doing an excellent job of managing their brand through: 17. CONDUCT NEEDS ASSESSMENT 18. REVIEW:Properties & profilesBacklinksNewsComplaintsComplaint sourcesCustomer service processFind quick wins 19. DEFINE KPIs & REPORTING 20. AGENCY KPIsWhat does success look like?1.Positive SERPs2.Positive Autocomplete3.Conversions 21. INTERNAL KPIsWhat does success look like?1.Decrease in complaints2.Increase in satisfied customers 22. ANTICIPATE ROADBLOCKS 23. Proactive Project Management Brand guidelinesApproval process Legal restrictions Development calendar 24. DEVELOP STRATEGY 25. ON-SITE OFF-SITERevise terms & conditions Social strategyNew product descriptions Guest postsAccurate product photosAuthority articlesCrowd-sourced video Instructional videostestimonialsIndustry site involvement 26. OTHER CRITICAL GOALS: 27. IMPLEMENT! 28. Get the deck: hello!rhea@outspokenmedia.comt: @Rhea | @outspokenmedia