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How to recycle paper?

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  • 1. Comenius project Recycled paper

2. One day in biology class 3. I am going to do the best presentation picture for this lesson 4. Oh, no! I smudged the picture 5. Oh well 6. Dont throw it away you can reuse it. 7. But its only one piece of paper, nothin g bad will happen. 8. If everybody thought the same it would be disastrous. 9. Well, what can we do about it? 10. We could recycle the paper. 11. Teacher, co uld we make recycled paper? Thats a good idea collect all the used paper you can find. 12. And lets go to the laboratory. 13. On our way 14. Still on our way 15. These are the materials we are going to use. 16. Used paper 17. Cloths 18. Blender 19. Sieve 20. Large recipient 21. A smaller sieve and some large spoons 22. Procedure 23. First we fill the recipient half-full with water 24. Then we tear the paper and put in the recipient with water 25. Then we liquadise all the paper 26. After that we make sure there are no big pieces of paper 27. Next we put the paper-bits on the square sieve and squeeze the water out with a spoon 28. Then we put the paper on the cloth 29. Leave to dry an wait 30. Now that we have finished, wh at can we do with our recycled paper? 31. We could make a photo album out of it Thats a good idea.