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Firstly, to start with we imported our selected sound clips from various sections of the documentary. We have included clips that are relevant to the topic and that may intrigue the audience resulting in them wanting to watch the documentary.

We then imported our pre-recorded voiceover that had been read from the radio script that we constructed prior. This included useful information such as the date,time and channel that our documentary would be shown on.

After importing the correct sound clips we were ready to start editing. The structure of the radio trailer had already been decided so we began by simply cutting the clips down to the appropriate length.

The first sound clips that we included in the editing process was of the sound clips that we cut out of the documentary. We included these clips to give the audience of the Radio Trailer a taster of the documentary. By doing this we would hope to encourage the listeners to watch the documentary when it airs.

The next thing that we did was incorporating the voice over narration clips. For the voiceover we made sure to write a script that included relevant material rated to toys. We also included the date, time, and channel that it would air. By doing this we followed the codes and conventions of real media products.

The last step of the editing process was to put in a sound bed. We found a songthat fits with the themes of our documentary with an upbeat melody. This makes ourRadio Trailer more entertaining for the listeners.