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  • 1. C.C.C.O.International-Call Center Costa de OroInternationalPROJECT PRESENTATION

2. Declaration of objectivesCALL CENTER COSTA DE ORO INTERNACIONAL.GROWTH OF THE COMPANY.* EXPAND. A CENTRAL OFFICE SOLYMARCITY CIVIC CENTER OF THE COAST.* CREATE 16 JOBS. SITE TELEMARKETERS.* PHYSICAL LOCATION ** REGIONAL COMPANIES IN URUGUAY URUGUAY-ADHERE TOOUR CLIENTS PORTFOLIO. 3. Business idea Call Center Costa de Oro International isprojected as a service company specialized inthe implementation of projects for othercompanies both call center and virtualassistants, web design, hosting and domainsand a wide range of services to our customers(dominated BPO). . 4. Essentially three strategies:Channel management: Append to your company information andcommunication technologies for best results and satisfiedcustomers. All with the latest technology tools available in our CallCenter Costa de Oro International.Implementation and optimization of advertising and guerrilla-marketing on the Internet.Content Development:Providing our customers with the latest technology and monitoredto provide better response and proven results.Technical development of websites and web pages, especiallythose aimed at Web 2.0 and e-commerce. 5. Natural Customers Call Center Costa de Oro International will:Direct customers: Companies need to optimize your customercontact, communication and efficiency in new and existing customers loyal.Companies that wish to develop their Internet campaigns or Optimize and / or revive their sites.There are no boundaries on where to find customers, since it is an internationallyrenowned service and a rise in the world. The statistics show both regionally andinternationally.Indirect Customers: Companies overwhelmed by incoming calls, losing preferredcustomers.Advertising agencies that require Internet developments andPrefer to outsource these services.Companies infinite items, because the Call Center provides services from cleaningcompanies to multinationals. 6. Why? Lack the know-how and professionalism.To carry out the procedures with the appropriate tools and technology canprovide for Uruguay Uruguayan and foreign companies.Are tools but not the people who mastered properly.That is no good management and organization of media managers in thearea of Call Center.So it is that foreign companies areTo put their offices here, the low cost of salaries and social charges.We want to be in the statistics as a Call Center World with ISO 9000 - andall possible for the quality, professionalism and efficiency in everything weundertake our business and our clients hired.To be the N 1. in Uruguay in the period of 5 years. 7. Mision. Our mission is to provide high quality services and added value forcompanies located in Uruguay and around the world.Since the Gold Coast Call Center International technologies and toolsavailable to reach the world and service companies that hire us.Vision.Become a leader and expert reference in Uruguay regarding the CallCenter, Contact Center, BPO.Providing our services to companies throughout the Latin America andthe 5 continents. 8. Concept of business CCCO calms the nerves ...NO MORE STRESS!.Your business is in good hands.Call Center Platform in Uruguay.With advanced technology.Key strategy Uruguayan market-Leading withQuality-Efficiency-Friendliness. 9. TEAMC.C.C.O INTERNATIONAL General ManagerDIRECTORLaura Levy. 8 years in Internet-Luis Spinosa10 aos in Sales- Telework.Virtual Assistant- Webmasters-Secretary Andrea BarriosHosting y domines. Entrepreneur. Persevering. Lawyers:Direction SecretaryGabriel Pereira y Iris MorenoMayra GmezClerk: Gissel ValdsManager Personal ManagerIris Moreno IOSearch VAOMara de los ngeles Iglesias.Chief/ MarketingChjef of AdministrationVivianna Aristimuio. Elizabeth Presa.Supervisor Tele-workers Sales SupervisorMaria de los Angeles Iglesias Javier RiveroJavier Rivero Lorena LoureiroAgents 8Business Visitor5 a 10 Telemarketers Rotativos. Jorge BaladonMara Soledad RodriguezBruno Poggi Claudia FerreiraCarla AlvarezAux.AdministrationRecepcionistMara Carolina Tambolini FlorenciaMara Noel Silva y Natalia GuariniAddiego 10. 1 Market Overview Market Situation of Call Centers in Uruguay.Past.Call Center sales to Spain and the United States. 2008-2009/2010 Uruguay foreign companies installed CallCenter.Present Low quality of care and customer saturation and lowattendance unless O.Future (C.C.C.O. Present and Future)Being No. 1 in 3 years in Uruguay. Quality of services, keep customers. Know-How effectiveness of all departments of theCall Center Costa de Oro International. 11. 2 Market Overview Lack of advice on Know-How have the technologybut do not know to use it.- Competitive prices $ 4000 to $ 400000 - monthly. Our prices according to the needs of each client. Our prices become more competitive by having fewer personnel costs. 12. Competitionin UruguayTec yTal ex. Technology and TalentCasaTr3sAccessaCompetitive AdvantagesQuality customer service.Fast response.Efficiency.Know-how 13. Oportunities List the problems of the competition.Taking reliable opportunities for us to pointadvantage in our favor.Main problem: poor care. Delay in the resolutions. Difficulty in reaching the right person. Fast decisions. Fast answers. 14. Goals and objetives 2011 Central Office Call Center Resume Gold Coast.Telemarketer jobs 6 and 1 supervisor.Expand 2 Stage.Enlarge Office.Hire more employees.Call Center 50 regular customers.End of 2011Office Civic Center Ciudad de la Costa.16 jobs.2013 - 3,500,000 Income from Uruguayan pesos.2015 - 5,900,000 Income from Uruguayan pesos. . 15. Anlisis FODA 16. Metas y objetivos 17. Anual Sales Plan600000050000004000000 3000000 Series3 5877600 Series2 2000000 Series1 17000 1000000489800 80004000 460800 0 1 203 456 7 18. Benefits 5 years7000000586962060000005000000400000035217725 aos30000003aos2000000 1 ao 297392410000000Egresos391973Ingresos 489800 factura mensualGrfic a 5 yearss 19. Resource Requirements Technology-VoIP + Platform.Investor Finance-U $ S 531025 -Promotion-Advertising.Products-Call Center-Inbound-Outbound-SalesCustomer-Services. 20. Risk Theres no business without risk ... but this is acontrolled risk:1 .- There is a demand and growing dramatically.2 .- There is almost no supply (real, true and quality).3 .- We have the experience.4 .- ... and we have many customers waiting.The biggest risk is taking too long with little orresources to launch properly positioned beforehatching. 21. Strengths 1 .- Demand growing at a dizzying pace.2 .- We have the experience.3 .- We have the equipment.4 .- We have contacts for initial customers.5 .- We have the technology.6 .- Differential work with huge margins.7 .- We have the motivation, energy andenthusiasm. 22. Rentability Just take a look at the figures (made withstandards of prudence) to see that we havevery broad margins of maneuver and we cangeneratecash flow necessary for the ROI is given in avery short time and maintained over time.A very high profitability in this business withvery clear and brilliantfuture. 23. Security This is a reasonably safe investment because, besides the obviousgrowing market need, we have:1 and leadership team fully involved.2 Support professionals.3 customer support the current management team.4 Criteria for planning and management: contrastingsuccess, prudent and reasonable in their expectations.5 wide margin.A combination that removes risk and increases the chances ofsuccess.A success that we believe fervently in which we are committed withall our resources. 24. Key Issues In the short termKey issues that require immediate or short-termresolution platforms to be efficientlyAnd the call center technology in Uruguay.I discuss the consequences of delaying decisions.Loss of customers would be essential.In the long termUruguay is failing in the quality of care, Costa de OroCall Center is your main goal to keep customers with usalways. Providing the very best. Both in human valueand performance. 25. Conclusion Be here: 26. C.C.C.O.International-Call Center Costa de OroInternationalLaura LevyDirector Call Center Costa de OroUruguay Solymar, CanelonesSetember