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Product Development In 2016: [email protected]$! It, Ship It

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Text of Product Development In 2016: [email protected]$! It, Ship It

Product DevelopmentWhat HBO Didnt Teach Youhttp://[email protected] one and onlyFrankCaron

So how exactly do we build our product?

Consider the old approach: the classic Waterfall.

Great for airplanes, not for SMB software.

So how do we do it harder, better, faster, stronger


JIRA, enter stage right.

TakeawaysWaterfall describes the old-fashioned approach of planning everything in advance and then building it all in sequence.

In contrast, Agile describes a method of building through small, constant, and rapid iteration.

The general philosophy is a good product in market is better than a great product in development.

Agile done well does NOT mean there is no vision nor plan for the future.

Agile as an approach can work for every department, not just dev.

Cheers!http://[email protected] one and onlyFrankCaron