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  • 1. Adserve Contact CenterAdvertising service companyBusiness Development team Al-Khobar - KSA Outsourcing Contact Center Services

2. Situation The timeis good for him, business is good. Your existingteam is doing good Businessis flourishing . Butfew customers are getting missed. Callers are thrown out,customers starting to complain. Staff aregetting messed. 3. Situation What hasactually changed?The product is still good.Sale is still high But people have started to complain about thecustomer service 4. Situation Situation atCustomer Service Call Come in Staff rush to Answer More call come in Staff still trys to Answer What happen then? 5. Situation Situationat Customer Service Staff Exhausted Customer facing busy line, angry at busy or long queue Customer were not attended properly Customer if attended were not answered properly 6. Situation Lack of attention in Customer Service will ultimately lead to downfall in sales and business Situationat Customer Service 7. Situation This is one such situation which we mentioned, but this situation is present in most of the service organization today!!!!! 8. Situation Sometime the customer need a very simple service and it takes him a very long timeThe customers either face a busy lineor have to wait in a long queue. 9. Now what s the Solution? Whats the Solution to all the problem related to customer 10. Solution is :- A.C.C YOUR CUSTOMER ARE NOW OURS.. 11. What is ACC? ACC stand forA dserveC ontactC entre . Wespecializefor customization & integration of all available tools for customer care within our services to provide topInbound, Outbound & interactive servicesfor the clients from different industry segments. 12. What we mean by Outsourcing? We are not manpower supplier. We are providing Complete outsorcing contact centreServicesto serveclient customer either in our premises or in client premises 13. ACC Philosophy

  • Our Philosophy is
    • Work with the clients to create a solutions to satisfy his customer.
    • Ability to serve customer in minimum time of service
    • High Productivity, to serve maximum number of customer

14. Service offered by ACC? ACC provide the service organisation withSolution & ServicesFor Customer Care We understand our client current situation and problem on customer service formulate asolutionand then implement ourservicesbased on the solution which solve and eradicate the problem ofcustomer service 15. What ACC do? To provide companies and Institutionsa solution in improvising, solving problem and qualitating services with respect to handling customerrelationship anddirectly or indirectly enhancing business To maintain this relation between clients and its customer. ACC will use all the latest available communication tool 16. How we do it? We create and implement solution and services by analyzing the client problems & service goals by integrating all components to reach the clients objectives Integration ClientGoals Communication People (The Customers) Technology 17. Outsourcer Benefits 18. Benefit to our client Byoutsourcing the serviceto ACC, we undertake the headache of customer service problem on behalf of our customer, by employing trained staff and using a professional software for a customer service thereby we allow our client tofocus on their core business 19. Benefit to our Client

  • We will help them in cutting down cost and improvising the service. The cost require to
    • Management and Creative teamwho is responsible for evaluating, strategic planning, implementation and interfacing for customization.
    • Investing in technologyand the quick changes in technology.
    • HR Operation for staff, Agent, Supervisor, IT Technician, Developersand supported staff.
    • Trainingand ongoing training services
    • Otherexpenses e.g.. Office space, Allowances.

20. ACC Premises

  • The Premises is supported by call centre hardware and software
  • Connected with all communication methods.
  • Fully quipped with a proffesional agent tools, IG, Pc s, headset etc..
  • Ready to work round the clock.
  • Designed to accept both male and female operation with a license from the authority for female section.

21. Business Option We have the experience to serve and develop complete contact center operation services either to be within our premises or client premises.COS Complete Outsourcing Services BOT(Build Operate Transfer)System MOD (Management & Operational & Development) 22. We canbuilt, operate and transfer the operation to the organizationafter finishing our contract with the client. Usually that happen on client premises to secure his information.If the client need us to continue operation and managing and developing he can continue in MOD service.. Business Option COS Complete Outsourcing Services BOTBuild Operate Transfer MOD (Management & Operational & Development) 23. Client Build It Operate It Transfer it Business Option COS Complete Outsourcing Services BOTBuild Operate Transfer MOD Management & Operational & Development 24. MOD (Management &Operation & Development) here we are providing a service to the organization who have a call centre setup and they need a company to operate the setup, manage it and develop the operations on client premises. Business Option COS Complete Outsourcing Services BOTBuild Operate Transfer MOD Management & Operational & Development 25. Method of Service We provide our service by the following method Inbound Service Outbound Service Self Service Interactive Service 26. Inbound & Outbound ACC will provide both Inbound & Outbound service ACC Agents Customer/ Prospect client An inbound is one that exclusively or predominately handles call/ contact initiated by the customer An outbound is one in which call center agents make contact / calls to customers on behalf of a client. I n b o u n d O u t b o u n d 27. Inbound/Outbound Usage Inbound / Outbound call for Customer service

  • Order Taking
  • Order Completion
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Telemarketing & Telesales
  • Market survey / Research
  • Collections
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Technical Support
  • CRM
  • And many more

28. Interactive & Self Service ACC System Customer/ Prospect client Listening the recorded information Calling the System Sending Interactive SMS Receiving the desired information 29. I & S Usage

  • Order Confirmation
  • Banking Service
  • Product Promotion
  • Recorded Information
  • Information Acquisition
  • Personalized Information
  • Order status / Tracking
  • Content Management
  • Product / Service contest
  • Loyalty Programs Information

Interactive & Self Service usage in the organisation 30. Call Flow Service Customer Call 800 / 700 / 9200 Call Divert The call will divert if the service is within Client Location The call will divert if the service is within ACC Location Client Operation ACC Operation Self Service Agent Service Interactive Service Client Database /Service Portal Customer send InteractiveSMS Self Service Agent Service Interactive Service 31. A Call Example with ACC Welcome Message On Pressed 1 On Pressed 3

  • Drop call are very less
  • Customer do not have to wait a lot
  • Many Agents to attend a call
  • Nature of call predicted

On Pressed 2 For interaction with the self services For Self service Press 1, For calling an agent Press 2, For Recorded Messages press 3 For transfer to service agent Service 1 Service 2 To call Agent Agnet 1 Agent 2 Agent 3 Listening for recorded information To call Agent Info 1 Info 2 Customer CallComes in any number as 8 0 0 / 9 2 0 0 /7 0 0 32. ACC Packages / Projects VMART WESERVE CUT COST ADSERVE CALL Online Tele-Shopping Services Call & Shop IN-SITE SERVICES Special packages for small & medium operations SHARE SERVICES Share contact center services 33. ACC Operations 24h 12h We are able to serve 24/7 We have well trained agents and supervisor both gents and ladies to serve all type of client customer and also a troubleshooting team working 24/7 34. Why joining ACC ?

  • The max use of technology and communication.
  • Creative solution can be adapted.
  • Cut off the cost
  • Work jointly with customer for customization purposes.
  • Quick service in support and development
  • Experience in interactive and promotion solution.

35. Technology Used -

  • The technology used by ACC can be interface with any technologic system
  • High quality of developers for creating any solution to enhance our system to serve our client
  • We are able to connect our system with all telephone call, protocol, e.g.. 700, 800, 9200

36. Who can work with ACC? All sectors who have customers & public and their work depends on customer service. Media 37. Our Experience Since2004, Adserve has started providing contact center services for different media