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Business English




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Vision and Mission

VISION: "PT Palu Gada Tekstile as a global market leader and makes PT Palu Gada Tekstile and all of its customers to be successful."

MISSION: "To provide the best quality fabrics so that buyers received the highest satisfaction and make the buyer proud to use products PT. Palu Gada Tekstile."

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Business Philosophy1.Excellent Service (Satisfactory Service) : Pelayanan

yang memuaskan.2. Excellent Communication (Good relationship with customers) : Hubungan yang baik dengan customer.3. Appropriate Price (Competitive Price) : Harga yang bersaing.4. Appropriate Quality (Good quality and up to International Standard) : Kualitas yang memuaskan dan memenuhi standard international.5. Appropriate Delivery (Punctual Delivery) : Pengiriman yang tepat waktu.

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Quality Product• All the products we've finished goods meet the standard quality requirement, which refers to standard: AATCC ISO Oko-Tex

• In addition to testing within the scope of the internal (in-house), we also cooperate with credible independent laboratory such as: ITS (Intertek Main Service) MTL ITT in the conduct Testing the quality of our products

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MarketProducts - Our products are able to penetrate the export market due to meet every standard quality requirement of the buyers are very strict. Countries - countries which export destination of our products are as follows:- U.S.A (United States of America)- U.K. (United Kingdom) - EU (Europe) - Australia - Middle East / U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) - Singapore- Turki- Jepan- South Afrika

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MarketOur company also supplies products to buyers-buyers at home and abroad who have a brand image, such as: Cardinal Quick Silver OXA Gabrielle PEP Clothing Rodeo Giani Gracio Logo Charles Parson Lea Louis

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Training CenterTraining activities in our company is done continuously and sustainably. As our main goal is to create a human resource of high quality, which has the ability (competency) and expertise (skills) than average

Therefore, every human resources in our company has always given regular training to improve knowledge and understanding of the technological know-how, leadership, relationships, and skills or expertise - expertise of other individuals

This was done so that they can have development and self-confidence, which in turn they will be able to make a way for themselves to be individuals - individuals who are successful, with a good well-being and a brilliant future in PT Palu Gada Tekstile.

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Job OrderFABRIC DYEING As a form of cooperation with the customer, we receive a job order / makloon / CMT for all processes facility that is in our PLANTS (Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing Reactive, Vat Dyeing and Pigment Continuous Dyeing).

FABRIC READY FOR DYEING & FABRIC READY FOR PRINTINGThe production capacity of the machine pre-treatment and mercerization we can reach 3,000,000 meters / month and can meet customer wishes to support the application within five business philosophy of our company.

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Area Factory PT. Palu Gada Tekstile

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Area Factory PT. Palu Gada Tekstile

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Examples of Products PT. Palu Gada Tekstile

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Examples of Products PT. Palu Gada Tekstile

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Tekstile Exhibition PT. Palu Gada Tekstile

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Eko Mardianto

HRA & GA Manager

Linda Farida

Marketing Manager


Finnance Manager

Siti Manisa

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Contact PersonHead OfficeJl. Raya Optimus Prime No 13Blok. MegatronJakarta 16450Telp (+62-21) 3456 7890Fax (+62-21) 3456 7891Website: www.ptpalugadatekstile.com