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With over 259 million active users, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other like-minded professionals, source candidates, and market your company and personal


  • 1. Powerful Free LinkedIn Tools & Apps With over 259 million active users, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other like-minded professionals, source candidates, and market your company and personal brand. If you already have a profile and are ready to take it to the next level, check out these free tools and apps to get the most out of LinkedIn without breaking the bank, or your schedule. (Dont have a profile and need to catch up? Check out our LinkedIn 101 post, then come back to learn about these LinkedIn Tools.) Buffer & Hootsuite According to Buffer, the best time to post to LinkedIn is between 8am and 5pm during the day. They also recommend posting in the morning or early afternoon for maximum exposure and testing your audience to determine optimal posting times. Pre-scheduling content can ensure you post during peak hours no matter what. We recommend using them in two ways: Scheduling content with a longer lifespan (think whitepapers and thought leadership blogs) 1-2 weeks ahead of time. This will help you maintain a consistent posting schedule and free up day-to-day time for more time-sensitive tasks. Schedule timely content (think industry or workforce trends) each morning or 1-2 days in advance to build credibility as an up-to-date source. Dont worry if you had a post already scheduled, you can always move longer lifespan posts to another day to make room for breaking content. In addition to Buffer, Hootsuite also offers great functionality for prescheduling LinkedIn posts for personal profiles, company pages, and groups. Using a broad social media tool like these will allow you to tie in your LinkedIn efforts into your overall social media reporting. SlideShare LinkedIn owns SlideShare, so its no wonder these two sites work so well together. In a previous post, we taught you all the basics on creating a robust SlideShare account. Now you can use that same content to create a dynamic LinkedIn account. Just like prescheduling content, we recommend using SlideShare and other rich media files in two ways, based on the contents lifespan: Whitepapers, slides from webinars, and other content with a long lifespan should be added to your profile.
  • 2. More time-sensitive content should be included as rich media files in your LinkedIn updates. Pulse News Staying on top of industry news and interacting with other influencers is a must for a high-impact LinkedIn presence, and Pulse helps you do just that. After customizing the app by selecting relevant industries and professional topics, youll receive a steady feed of relevant news, allowing you to like, comment and share content easily. Connection Timeline & InMaps LinkedIns Connection Timeline and InMaps are two tools that are as entertaining as they are informative. Explore your career history and connections made over time with the Connection Timeline. This tool could be key to reconnecting with a former coworker or utilizing 2nd degree connections. InMaps creates an interactive image of your personal network and its connections, resulting in a beautiful visualization with clusters of people from specific companies, schools and other groups. This tool is especially helpful for determining network connectors people who are strong networkers and act as a bridge between one network and another. We hope these tools will help you to use the potential of LinkedIn efficiently. If you have any other tools or apps you use with LinkedIn, wed love to hear about them in the comments.