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  • 1. PowerEdge Servers and Solutionsfor Business Applications

2. PowerEdge servers and solutionsfor business applications Achieve more Improve the performance of IT for business successAt Dell, we listen to you every day, and what you 12th generation servers will let you get morehave been telling us is that your infrastructures are out of any of these applications or usagebeing pushed to the limits of capacity and your environments like virtualization and Improve efficiencyability to manage them. The increasing complexity high-performance computing (HPC). Use IT to boost productivityof new technologies, the escalating demands ofInnovations on Dell PowerEdge servers: and get the most out of yourbusiness applications, and the huge surge in the investmentvolume of data that you need to process haveSharePoint More memory and processing poweryour IT organizations struggling to keep up.permit greater consolidation of SharePoint rolesDells consultant-led workshops, data centerExchange Up to 38TB of local drive storage and Ensure business continuityassessments and IT architecture designs can helpRAID options provide faster, safer collaboration Secure continous access toyou define a plan for integrating new technologiesenvironments services that power yourand optimizing your existing infrastructure to businesssupport your organizations strategy. We have Lync Modular network options and increased I/Ostrategic partnerships with industry leadingflexibility reduce communications latencyapplication providers, like Microsoft, Oracle,HPC Increased processor core count and Virtualize and automate ITand VMware that allow us to work together tomemory density drive increased computational Customer-inspired, intelligenttune these applications for your environment,performanceinfrastructure engineered to runalong with meeting requirements for Microsoftshardware compatibility list and other vendorVirtualization More processor cores and denser your business faster and morecertifications. And the innovations that we are memory enables further server consolidationefficientlyintroducing with the Dell PowerEdge through more virtual machines (VMs) per server2 3. Why Dell for your solutions?Dell understands that applications are the lifeblood of your Dell providesorganizations operations. For those applications to deliver at Single point of contact for complex solutionsthe levels of efficiency that todays data centers require, you End-to-end solutions that are open, affordable, and capableneed an IT infrastructure that is flexible and scalable to respondto a changing landscape driven by the pressures like demand, Reference architectures and configuration aids to quicklygrowth, security, and compliance. identify the best fit Deployment, sizing, and support expertise to improve timeDell has experienced industry and technology consultants in to business resultnetworking, storage and a comprehensive portfolio of services Services to provide expert guidance for every phase of thewho can help transform your IT landscape to ensure alignmentsolutionwith your organizational needs and objectives. Strategic alliances with industry leading partnersOur solutions team uses a unique consulting methodologydeveloped from proof-of-concept testing in our solutioncenters and backed by real-world experience in supporting awide range of customer environments. Our proven approachhelps you: Understand the implications of new technologies through workshops Assess your infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement Design a customized plan to address your organizations specific needs Implement market-leading solutions that help you grow and thrive Manage the complete functionality of the entire engagementThe following pages provide guidance for using PowerEdgeservers in key solution areas.3 4. Collaboration | SharePointThe combination of economic pressure andskyrocketing fuel costs has led to a significant dropin business travel over the last few years. In its place,Thanks to our unified communications solution from Dell, our agents candirect a customer call to the appropriate person in less than a minute.conferencing and collaboration tools are used to bringmobile or remote workers together electronically.Neil Jones, Head of Information Systems, Newport City HomesIn Microsoft SharePoint environments where the keyfunctions are data and web serving, lots of memoryand I/O flexibility are most important. The PowerEdgeportfolio provides superb choices for SharePoint SharePointbecause of the scalable memory and PCIe slot density. RolesDatabase Server Role, Web Server Role, Application Server RoleRacksR510-14 hard drive / R720 / R815Better collaboration and improved productivity GuidanceModular M915 / M620 Server Share documents in real-time with live-meeting, no matter where you and your team areTowerT620 / T310 Find colleagues faster The nature of SharePoint roles is to either have them on a single server or to Application Leverage existing application knowledge Characteristicsgroup them in a server farm depending on the number of usersImproved messaging Server Attrtibutes R510-14 HD Price/performance, local storage density for small- to mid-size Supporting Single storage repository for all messagesApplications deployments, RAID options, and redundancy features to safegaurd data Common interface for all messaging devicesR720 Performance, memory density, I/O flexibility, easily scales to support The right communication at the right time with theany of the SharePoint server roles right resourcesR815 4-socket, memory density, I/O flexibility to address database orReduced travel and conferencing costs consoldiation of server roles Live meeting with remote accessM915 Full-height, 4-socket, performance, memory density and scalability Video conferencing address database or consoldiation of server roles Single interface and reduced PBX costsM620 Higher density with half-height, performance, memory density,Express Flash PCIe SSD option for lower latency M915 T620 Large local storage to support database scalability, performance and T310networking that is perfect for departmental workgroups R720T310 Offers price/performance, 2-socket tower value processor option forsmaller businessesThese represent examples. Please see your Dell representative for details.4 5. Messaging | ExchangeIn almost all organizations, email is the lifeblood that More resiliency of data centersallows day-to-day business to take place. Today,users send and receive more email than before taxing Single platform for High Availability & DisasterWith Dellcan [communicate] from employeesUnified Communications, Recoveryinfrastructures to their limits. This is placing newdemands on the network that carries the messages Role-based Administration and User Self-Service almost anywhere using their PC, [with]and on storage systems, as the Exchange database TCO & ROI performance a single interface and contact numbergrows to accommodate these messages andthat they can take when they work Faster ROI from defined architecture modelsassociated files. and extensive mailbox migration experiencefrom home or travel abroad . . .Organizations using Exchange Server can select Lower TCO due to low energy consumption, Geriant Davies, Basingstroke andbetween different form factors of PowerEdgevirtualization and centralized management Dean Borough Councilservers to effectively manage their email andintegrate with other collaboration tools such asUnified Communications. Microsoft Exchangeoperates best with local storagethe more theExchangebetterso the high-density storage in PowerEdgeservers are ideal collaboration solutions. Edge Transport, Hub transport, client access, unified messaging,Roles mailbox, client access/hub transportDell provides innovative server and storagehardware that enables Exchange 2010 high RacksR515-12 hard drive / R720xdGuidanceavailability to be cost effective and simple, whetherModular M620deploying on internal storage or simplified SAN Server Tower T620(PS Series). PowerEdge servers provide increasedmemory, processing, and storage capabilities toApplicationExchange prefers robust local storage. Also, main requirements focusoptimize Exchange 2010 features for complianceCharacteristicson 2-socket platforms for a majority of the server roles listed above.and security.Server Attrtibutes R515-12HD Price/performance with large local storage, RAIDBetter email performance for larger mailboxes Supporting options and redundancy featuresideal for smaller businessesApplications Email archiving and more powerful retentionpolicies R720xd Massive local storage, performance processors, I/O Automated rights management protection offlexibility for future scalability, RAID options, and network flexibilityemailM620 Performance processors, high DIMM density, flexible I/O and Powerful multi-mailbox search UI for eDiscoverynetworking options M620 T620 T620 Massive local storage with 32 drives, flexible I/O, RAID options, performance processors, Express Flash PCIe drives support lower latency along with RAS features to support business-critical email These represent examples. Please see your Dell representative for details. 5 6. Communication | Lync ServerTodays changing workplace often includes a Optimized resource utilizationdistributed global workforce that can make itdifficult to connect effectively. Organizations need Automatically locate the best resource to answer a question, approve a request, orByanticipatesUnified communications,Dell adoptingsignificant savings onintegrated productivity tools to allow employees toperform a taskwork from anywhere and collaborate in real-time incommunications hardware acquisitions, The resource finder tool can reduce the time ita secure and cost-effective way. takes to answer a question by 70%long-distance calls, and employeeMicrosoft Lync Server delivers a fresh, intuitive userexperience that brings together the different ways M910 trave