Please Stop Talking about Yourself - Joe Pulizzi Web Content 2009

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Presentation from 2009 Web Content conference in Chicago from Joe Pulizzi. Covers the importance of developing first rate content and gives 10+ ideas for developing media channels using online and social media

Text of Please Stop Talking about Yourself - Joe Pulizzi Web Content 2009

  • 1.Stop Talking about Yourself! Marketing is Now Publishing (and what to do about it) Joe Pulizzi Co-Author,Get Content Get Customers Founder, Junta42

2. Hi! Im Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe)

  • Evangelist, speaker, author for content marketing why marketers need to be publishers.
  • Founder and Chief Content Officer for Junta42
  • Co-author ofGet ContentGet Customers (McGraw-Hill)
  • Former Vice President at Penton Media, Inc., North Americas largest independentb-to-b media company

3. Lets Start Off with Some Questions 4. This presentation is NOT about

  • CMS Systems
  • Proper Programming Languages
  • Internal Content Processes
  • Conversion Pages
  • Or anything at all Technical in Nature

5. How Most Web Content is Developed 6. 7.

  • Who Cares?

8. Forrester Research 9. What this is all about

  • To Attract and Retain Customers: Deliver valuable, relevant and compelling content to your customers on a consistent basis.

10. How to Create Engagement/Community

  • Give your customers relevant, compelling information or
  • Give them a good time

11. You are the Publisher! 12. Its all about 13. 14. The Big Shift

  • Then
  • A provider of XYZ products and services

15. The Big Shift

  • Now
  • The trusted, expert resource for something relevant to your customers (and your business)!

16. 17. 18. 19. Its Not about You!

  • Provide relevant content that gives solutions to some of the toughest problems customers are facing.
  • (and leave out the sales pitch!)

20. Your Ideas Spread!

  • Position yourself as the trusted solutions provider for your industry and help people spread the word!

21. 10+ Media Channels You Can Leverage Now 22. The Online Media Site 23. The Online Media Site 24. 25. 26. An Educational Enewsletter 27. slideshare Channel 28. The Free Web App 29. Twitter Tips Channel 30. The Facebook Movement 31. Raid Traditional Media 32. The Mobile Helper 33. Digital Magazine Versions from Gen. Mills 34. The Video Microsite 35. Yes, the Blog 36. Free Stuff

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37. Questions? Joe Pulizzi [email_address] (216) 941-5842 Site: Blog: Book Site: Ways to Connect: LinkedIn: Joe Pulizzi Facebook: juntajoe Twitter: juntajoe