PLAN B-Empowering Youth To Empower People

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  2. 2. Team Organization Plan B Fajar N. S. CEO Achmada P. CMO Maesa M. P. COO Hashifah N. CHRO Hannina A. CFO
  3. 3. Background Gemawang-The Village
  4. 4. Background Social Business Focus
  5. 5. Women empowerment to achieve economic independence Relying on husbands incomes High demand for the products Not economically independent They dont have additional funds for education and savings In need of labor Chance to achieve economic independence Opportunities Problem2Problem1 Social Problems Gemawang village
  6. 6. Emping Pejet is a family business run since 1990. The producers have always been related to each other. To date, there are only 8 persons that are involved in the production. Despite the fact that the producer have been making Emping Pejet since 25 years ago, there hasnt been much of change or improvement in the production techniques, marketing strategy, and the human resource empowerment. Social Business Idea Opening
  7. 7. Our business idea comes from the three main problems that the producer still face today. Here we explain the problems and the reality that still exist in the middle of business that has been run for about 25 years. Social Business Idea Our Business Idea
  8. 8. Stagnant Sales (Current Condition) Marketing Strategy (Problem #3) Production (Problem #1) Human Resource Management (Problem #2) Low distribution Product introduction Low capacity Packaging + flavors No non-family employment Slow regeneration Business Problems Emping Pejet (other businesses too)
  9. 9. Start from the production techniques, the producer can only make the Emping Pejet with traditional tools and rely on the existing natural resource. For example: they still relying on the sunlight to dry the cassava that have been mashed. they only make one original flavor too for the Emping Pejet which is not innovative they still package the product with unattractive packaging. Social Business Idea-Problems Production Techniques
  10. 10. The producer still use traditional marketing application to market their product. For example: They use personal selling to the consumer directly or sell their product to the retailers like warung. They put the owners cellphone number on the package in order to inform the buyers Social Business Idea-Problems Marketing
  11. 11. To run the business, the producer only rely on its family members. They consist of 8 persons who are members of the family. Social Business Idea-Problems Human Resources
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis Strength Produced with organic materials New Product Innovation The resources are easy to get It will not cause asam urat Weakness Not well-known Resources are not well optimized Low product development Threats Rival products Rapid change on consumer behavior Opportunities Technological development isnt high Has potential to be an iconic product Easily accepted in all segment Expanding distribution channels Product diversification through variety of flavors Introducing products benefits Choosing well-timed product launching Applying line extension Making a forecast on the future needs HR training Preparing research for new product Maximizing the benefits communication to society Developing product research and development Consolidating in joint production process Benchmarking
  13. 13. Social Target & Location Gemawang village
  14. 14. Human Resources Plan Women Empowerment Short-term Plan Long-term Plan MAWAR Rumah Wanita Mandiri
  15. 15. A media for developing the personalities and skills of Gemawang women to achieve economic independence Marketing and Attractive Packaging Production and QC of Emping Pejet Entrepreneurship Financial Planning Batik Production Competitive Product Development Short-term Programs Women Empowerment MAWAR Rumah Wanita Mandiri
  16. 16. Savings and loan cooperatives Introduction of functional technology Other skills training (sewing) small business group microcredit Gemawang women develop personality (7 habits of highly effective human) Long-term Programs Women Empowerment
  17. 17. INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT 1. Cassava 50 kilograms 2. Garlic 1 ons 3. Onion 1 ons 4. Salt 5. MSG 1. Peel off the skin of cassavas 2. Soak the peeled cassavas without salt 3. Steam the peeled cassavas for an hour 4. Mince the steamed cassavas with milling machine 5. Pijet the minced cassavas 6. Dry the pinched/pressed cassavas on the direct sun light for approximately 4 hours 7. Take the dried cassavas and fry them into hot cooking oil and add special ingredients liquid into the oil. 20 kilograms of pingjet Business Mechanism-Production Emping Pejet
  18. 18. Diversification through flavors, to cover consumers in each segment Strategies used to market a single product to different consumer hands is the single diversify our product. Diversification performed a variation of flavors that are customized to the tastes of each consumer in a different segment level. SINGLE PRODUCT-DIFFERENT SEGMENT QUALITY SEGMENT PRODUCT LOW HIGH + + + Business Mechanism-Marketing Emping Pejet
  19. 19. Flanking Attack Market Challenge By Pass Attack Frontal Attack Market Leader MARKET ENTRY Emping Pejet will be marketed in areas that are not covered by established players or competitors. In the market will be targeted growth potential the same products as the market held by market leader. Target marketing location in the three major cities of Semarang, Surakarta, Yogyakarta. Emping Pejet is tried to enter the market by Flanking Attack way
  20. 20. Emping Pejet according to Market penetration strategy in the price matrix. With this we are sure many consumers are interested in these products. Low price-High quality
  21. 21. JUNE JULY AUG SEP OCT NOV DES JAN FEB MAR APRL MAY ORIGINAL 100 200 290 280 350 280 265 250 235 200 220 235 SPICY 100 300 300 340 230 290 289 235 210 230 220 BBQ 100 150 160 170 180 345 320 310 325 315 Sweet Cheese 150 140 215 235 245 255 270 Sweet Corn 155 145 260 275 290 270 280 Balado 145 135 180 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
  22. 22. Income Statement Projection Gemawang village NO COST Per-Month Per-Year 1 Variable costs 1,699,000 20,388,000 2 Fixed Cost 4,500,000 54,000,000 Total Operational Cost 6,199,000 74,388,000 NO Product Volume Unit Price sales per month sales per year 1 Original 150 pack Rp 12,000 Rp 1,800,000 Rp 21,600,000 2 Spicy 200 pack Rp 12,500 Rp 2,500,000 Rp 30,000,000 3 BBQ 160 pack Rp 14,000 Rp 2,240,000 Rp 26,880,000 4 Sweat Cheese 180 pack Rp 14,000 Rp 2,520,000 Rp 30,240,000 5 Sweat Corn 135 pack Rp 13,000 Rp 1,755,000 Rp 21,060,000 6 Balado 145 pack Rp 15,000 Rp 2,175,000 Rp 26,100,000 TOTAL 970 Rp 12,990,000 Rp 155,880,000
  23. 23. Income Statement Projection and Break Even Point Income Projection NO DESCRIPTION Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 A Acceptance 90% 95% 100% 105% 110% total Income Rp 155,880,000 Rp 163,674,000 Rp 171,857,700 Rp 180,450,585 Rp 189,473,114 B Expenditure Variable costs Rp 20,388,000 Rp 21,407,400 Rp 22,477,770 Rp 23,601,659 Rp 24,781,741 Fixed Cost Rp 54,000,000 Rp 56,700,000 Rp 59,535,000 Rp 62,511,750 Rp 65,637,338 Depreciation Rp 1,220,000 Rp 1,281,000 Rp 1,345,050 Rp 1,412,303 Rp 1,482,918 Cost Marketing Rp 9,000,000 Rp 9,450,000 Rp 9,922,500 Rp 10,418,625 Rp 10,939,556 Total Expenditure Rp 84,608,000 Rp 88,838,400 Rp 93,280,320 Rp 97,944,336 Rp 102,841,553 C R / L Before Tax Rp 71,272,000 Rp 74,835,600 Rp 78,577,380 Rp 82,506,249 Rp 86,631,561 Tax (10%) Rp 7,127,200 Rp 7,483,560 Rp 7,857,738 Rp 8,250,625 Rp 8,663,156 Profit After Tax Rp 64,144,800 Rp 67,352,040 Rp 70,719,642 Rp 74,255,624 Rp 77,968,405 Income Statement Projection Gemawang village