Pixioo photography Wedding photography tips for amateurs

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  1. 1. Pixioo photography Wedding photography tips for amateurs. Pixioo photography of Singapore is a highly sought after for their wedding photographs as they have all necessary artistry in this area. They make you and your loved ones look their best on this special day of yours. With wedding photography, as a client, you want someone who gives you images you simply love and adore. To choose right photographer is something you really need to work on. You need to look from composition to emotion. And this is where the excellence of Pixioo photography, http://www.pixioo.com/, lies. True professional photographers know very well where to land up during the event and when .They are always aware of the perfect gaze and look and most important is perfect emotion. This is what, as an amateur photographer, you also should excel in. Tips for the amateurs: Wide aperture lens: Use this lens as it creates an appealing effect .Keeping the subject in focus and making the background blurred or hazy add to the impact. Look for the venue: An early survey of the venue will definitely give you an added advantage. You will be able to use maximum of the setting. Pose the bride: For adulatory and elegant images of the bride ,make sure that she has the correct posture(preferably s-bend) Light patterns: The use of the light should be made judiciously as it can make or ruin all your effort. Make most use of the available lights, be it indoor or outdoor location. Holding the camera: A little tilt adds a sense of movement but be careful of overdoing with it. Pay attention to the details: Looking for small stuff which can add a dimension always help. Sometimes details of the background or even the subject goes unnoticed. Dont allow it to go away with your snaps. Go low: Dont hesitate to kneel down or even lie down to capture the best moment. Smile a lot: Smile induces smile. So if you smile people will also smile back to give you your best shot. Pixioo Photography is where you can view all this artistic touch .