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Uptica Pitch Deck

Digital agency services for SMBs & Startups225 East Broadway, Suite V300Glendale, CA 91205Phone: (323) 813-1789Email: info@uptica.comhttp://uptica.com

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica1Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica1VisionUptica was created to help SMBs & startups understand the online world and optimize their investment in digital services.Uptica enables their growth by offering simple, understandable, and transparent digital agency services.1/23/2015 2015 Uptica2

Digital & CreativeUptica manages Digital experiences for SMBDigital interactions with clients grow salesUptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica2Partnerships & SponsorshipsPresentFuture1/23/2015 2015 Uptica3

In Progress

Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica3The FounderMatthew HardestyHands-on experience providing all aspects of agency services.Ecommerce inventory, purchasing, fulfillment, website design, marketing, business development, ERP)Improved business operations and efficiency for Ecommerce retailersSEO/SEMExperience leading strategy & managing client website Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.CreativeWeb design (including responsive), video production, audio production, print design, print industry experience, Project ManagementManaged and launched digital projects across multiple industriesB.S. Business Administration

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica4Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica4Market Traction Digital InteractionsGoogle reports that, in 2015, online interactions will continue to gravitate toward personalization and immediate availability of information.Shawn DuBravac, CEAs chief economist reported the upcoming importance of digital information as it relates to personalization, They are able to give every consumer a personalized shopping experience thanks to the infusion of digital information


Must support growth of mobile interactions 90% of consumers say its importantReduce friction between browsing and action, regardless of device83% of consumers say its importantSupport connected services & experiences84% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in storeImprove personalization and availability of contentHighly recommended by technology leaders like Google.Exact Target, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report1/23/2015 2015 Uptica5Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica5Market Traction Cloud Services

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica6

PwC predicts that by 2016, investment in SaaS solutions will more than double to $78B

Cloud services offer cost savings to businesses. Growth of the cloud highly supported by key technology players:Microsoft AzureAmazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud Computing

While these services are available, SMBs and startups have limited technical ability to create new or migrate existing data to the cloud. Theyll need technical help.Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica6Market Traction Digital MarketingCompanies spend more on digital services year over year. On average, companies spent 10.2 percent of their annual 2014 revenue on overall marketing activities.180% of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets over the next 12 to 18 months. 2

1 http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/28958172 Mondo, The Future of Digital Marketing, 20151/23/2015 2015 Uptica7Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica7Change to 2015 Digital Advertising BudgetsBased on Mondos Jan 2015 report, The Future of Digital Marketing

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica8Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica8Market OpportunityInfoUSA reports over 165k leads that meets criteria for a qualified lead:Employees: up to 49Annual revenue: up to $20mAdvertising expense: $5-100k Location: LA / Orange County areaOwnership: privately held

Among these leads:~51k have an existing website~1.3k are identified as a Growing Business165,000 leads1/23/2015 2015 Uptica9Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica9Market LocalityInitially, Uptica will target the 165k leads in the surrounding area of Los Angeles and Orange County (seen in the map).Because the nature of agency services requires only limited face to face interaction, Uptica has the option of targeting additional localities.

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica10Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica10Market AnalysisMarketThere is a defined need for SMBs to react to pressure from consumers to provide a consistent experience and access to content from any device.Key technology players, like Google, report rapid expansion and continue to encourage involvement as a service provider through programs like Google Partners (for agency support) and tools like AdWords (for online advertising).Google not a competitor. They make money from ad spend & they help agencies get new business by providing training, insights, and marketing support. CompetitorsLarge CompetitorsFocus on winning and maintaining bigger clients, not as interested in SMB marketSmall CompetitorsThe most closely related agencies focus primarily on branding & creative. Many lack engineering competencies associated with emerging technology (APIs, applications, integrations, cloud services, etc)PositionFew comparable competitorsCurrently underfunded in this space1/23/2015 2015 Uptica11Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica11Marketing MethodsTargeted Digital marketingPay Per ClickLinkedIn (see example table)Google AdWordsEmail MarkeingInfoUSAChamber of CommerceExisting clients & referralsPhone callsPartnershipsPrint Media (signage, flyers, etc)MetricLinkedIn PPCCost Per Click$5.50Conversion Rate (estimated)2.5%Clicks1000Total Cost$5,500# of Conversions25Resulting revenue$40,000ROI627%1/23/2015 2015 Uptica12Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica12Challenges for SMBsTo compete in an space with increasing digital focus, SMBs must:implement and/or manage effective marketing & advertising plansdeliver highly personalized experiencesbe device agnostic, andfoster immediate availability of information from consumers regardless of the device they use to access it. Common issues faced by owners of SMBs include deficiency in:Knowledge: Not enough knowledge or experience to execute effectivelyTime: Not enough time to do it with existing resourcesTools: Lots of options and tools, but not sure where to startBudget: Limited budget to hire a team to manage internally1/23/2015 2015 Uptica13131/23/2015 2015 UpticaUpticaServicesUptica differentiates itself by providing a suite of services that enables SMBs and startups by connecting them with services and tools to predict, create, and manage digital interactions and personalization.1/23/2015 2015 Uptica14Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica14Web, Mobile, & EcommerceBuild & customize websites, mobile applications, and eCommerce platformsCreate cross-device experiencesExtend support/compatibility to other devicesSet up bi-directional integrations with:ERP systems like Sage and DynamicsSales management tools like Salesforce and HighriseAccounting software like QuickBooksCreate web & mobile Ecommerce storefrontsData migrationCloud services (website, application, hosting, utilities)Enterprise application setup (Google for Work, Microsoft Exchange / SharePoint / Dynamics)1/23/2015 2015 Uptica15151/23/2015 2015 UpticaUpticaDigital MarketingManage / Create Business ListingsAdWords accounts, campaignsDigital media assetsSocial media accountsBlog posts & contentEmail templates & drip campaignsLanding pagesDevelop digital marketing strategy & action plansAnalytics & reportingTransparency1/23/2015 2015 Uptica16Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica16CreativePrint assetsFlyersBrochuresStationaryBusiness CardsLetterheadEtcPostersSignageMailersBrandingBrand identitySound branding

Video production Planning / StoryboardingRecordingAnimationEditingPost-productionBusiness Content Article writingBusiness plansMarket researchReporting

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica17Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica17Revenue ModelsProject BasedNot recurringFixed set of requirementsDigital MarketingRecurring IncomeMinimum duration & payment amount per monthType of effort may differ each month depending on the needs of the clientHosting / ServicesRecurring IncomeContracted service cost per month over duration of contractType of effort remains the same will not change month to month.

1/23/2015 2015 Uptica18Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica1810 Year Portfolio Goals & Projections1/23/2015 2015 Uptica19Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica19Revenue per Employee at Capacity1/23/2015 2015 Uptica20Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica201:6 1:7 Employee to Client Ratio Goal1/23/2015 2015 Uptica21Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica21Salary Efficiency Projections1/23/2015 2015 Uptica22Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica22Financial Projection Net Income vs Volume1/23/2015 2015 Uptica23Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica23Investment ConsiderationsFounder InvolvementExpensesLegalHostingToolsSubscriptionsEffortPersonal investment of timeCreation of all content (text & media)Design & BrandingExisting AssetsBranding & website assetsCMS system, theme, pluginsVirtual OfficeOnline propertiesBusiness listingsConfigured servicesManagement & OperationsOutlook & AbilitySolid business planDeveloped plans & projectionsExperience in this line of workDedication to the brand & company successProven business modelPotential for attractive ROI1/23/2015 2015 Uptica24Uptica1/23/2015 2015 Uptica24


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