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  1. 1. Personal llrnuiry Lawyer tttilltolm = = Baktrm Personal Himjurry Lawyer ((28339)) 27=21~1@. / ;_ it t 3 ( _Tm: ( t i I I _,'. -R2-*"v"' 1- . .i - Ii-1 M v.V 7} ::5! .i i ,ii i. '; s. '_. l'i "j3 A " N4 _.- r i/ DJ, 113' NI 5" H i tts; ;r: tiic: -ai at.I /_3 I - ii itirl 1" ,
  2. 2. Personalllnjury Lawyer lK{lt@lln@im@ir = - Bellkln Personal llnjtuiiry Lawyer ((519)) 834l= -24129 ACCIDENTS _Every year in Ontario.thousands of pedestrians are injured by negligent or impaired drivers.Pedestriar accidents can cause injuries rangng from soft tissue damage and broken bones to severe rnpairmer-. '. caused by brain trauma and injuries of the spine.cord.Often times,victims 0. pedestrian accidents never'ecover fully from their njixies and have to ac_. ist to their new conc-tion, i. /ctirns of pedestrian accidents and their families can be overwlneimed by mounting medical bills and other zosts associated wth treating and caring for an injured person Lost wages and other expenses can quickly -: -ad to escalating debt and overcue bills Fortunately.there is help avalabie for injury victims our persona njury experts at Belkin Law w ensure that a victim's rigrts a'e protected and that they receive all thecompensation and benets to which they are entitled. -you or someone you know were irjured as a Belkin Law -or a obligatior Consultation.We have recovered mil ions of dollars in compensation for / lCt""iS of pedestrian accidents anctheir families.With our expert ! ega' team behind you. jusfce will prevail V31!V'IV V".L
  3. 3. lP>ereeimall llrniuiry Lawyer Lllmcdleay ~=E3elllereelmall lllmjuliry Lawyer ((E83) @834}? SLIP & FALLSlip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury for Ontario residents.These can result I injuries ranging from bruising.cuts and soft tissue injuries to more devastating medical problems like bral trauma and injuries of the spinal column. It is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your rights a protected.Keep in mind that there are time limits for Filing slip and fall claims.These limits can be as short . -10 days.Because of the complicated procedure surrounding these types of accidents.slip and fall claims ca often become drawnout legal battles.A common scenario is one where someone slips on some ice and fall in front of their apartment building.breaking their leg.Such individuals may have no idea who is to blame do they le a claim against the owner of the property?Or is it the superintendent that is to blame?Could it - the company that was hired to maintain the property that is responsible?The matter can quickly becom incredibly stressful and complicated with all three entities blaming each other and trying to avoid liability. if you or a loved one were injured as a result of a slip and fall caused by conditions.or an other reason.Contact Belkln Law today for a free consultation.With a combined experience of over 75 ye our lawyers have been ghting for injury victims from all over the province and obtaining the compensati that they deserve.Contact us today.and rest assured that your rights are protected and that justice prevail.